The blood moon lunar eclipse offers thrilling views

The blood moon lunar eclipse offers thrilling views

The blood moon lunar eclipse offers thrilling views

The total eclipse is expected to last a record-breaking one hour and 43 minutes, seen in Italy from 21:30, when the moon enters the shadow of the Earth and turns red, until 23:13, when it will start to emerge and regain its normal appearance.

The moon which is described by scientists as the Earth's natural satellite turned a striking shade of red or ruddy brown, during the total eclipse.

Mars is also at its closest approach to Earth this week since 2003, making it appear bigger and brighter. In eastern Asia, Australia, and parts of the western Pacific, the eclipse will be visible before sunrise on July 28, as the moon sets. You can see the live stream below: If you aren't aware, a lunar eclipse takes place when Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon.

Also in the celestial mix, Mars will be in opposition on Friday - meaning it and the sun will be on opposite sides of Earth on the same day as the total lunar eclipse.

Unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar event can be viewed without wearing protective eye gear.

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Red light, on the other hand, is scattered least, which is why the setting sun is red.

The eclipse will be visible to people in Europe, Africa and the Middle East on July 27 between sunset and midnight. In Johannesburg, residents took advantage of the clear winter night and watched the reddish shadow slide up the moon's surface.

The next total lunar eclipse will occur on January 19 2019 - better luck then, everyone.

Rain clouds and thunderstorms could prevent skygazers from seeing the "blood moon" lunar eclipse in some parts of the country as forecasters warn of torrential downpours across eastern parts of Great Britain.

"Mars will look like this lovely bright red star just below the Moon", said Prof O'Brien.

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"South-eastern observers will be able to see the eclipse for somewhat longer than north-western ones".

"It really was more of a public relations or public affairs kind of thing than it was anything else because you know the moon's color in eclipses can range anywhere from a tan or coppery color actually", Pitts said. If you want a deeper understanding of what's happening out in space today, you can check out our guide to today's lunar eclipse blood moon.

Slooh will broadcast the entire lunar eclipse on its YouTube channel, which should go live at 1:00 p.m. EDT (17:00 UT).

"The moon is passing very close to the center of Earth's shadow, so it is passing on a chord that nearly equals the full diameter of the shadow", Steve Edberg, an astronomer who recently retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times.

PA has revealed the most commonly googled questions that people have been searching for with regards to the upcoming eclipse.

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