Apple surges to $1 trillion in market value

Apple surges to $1 trillion in market value

Apple surges to $1 trillion in market value

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., takes a selfie with a customer and her iPhone as he visits the Apple Store in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., March 27, 2018.

Today, Apple's dominance of the financial world has reached a new milestone-the company has now topped $1 trillion in market capitalization, the collective value of all its shares of stock. It became the first $900 billion company exactly nine months ago, on November 3, 2017.

Well, it's happened. Apple is now officially the first trillion-dollar American company, after its stock price ended yesterday at $207.39.

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A filing with the SEC yesterday showed Apple had revised its share count at 4,829,926,000 on 20 July, less than the 4,842,917,000 it reported on Tuesday for the end of the June quarter due to share buybacks. The tech newswire lit up today with reports claiming Apple merely had to hit $207.05 per share to reach this milestone. Recently, some of his older clients have bought Apple shares for their grandchildren. Depending on who is doing calculations, the valuation of Saudi Aramco state-controlled oil and gas company is between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion. Apple also forecast a strong fourth quarter, posting a revenue guidance of between $60 and $62 billion.

Cook emphasized the company's innovation and principles make Apple one of the world's most valuable businesses. Starting from 2001, the company started to expand its family of products once again with the iPod music player that was followed by the Apple TV in 2006 (called iTV originally), the iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2010, the Apple Watch in 2015, and the HomePod in 2017.

Apple has boasted steadily rising revenues for many years, 2016 being the notable exception, and experts are already anticipating big increases in the company's value.

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So, what are the factors that have helped Apple sail through against all odds and contributed to the company in achieving the rare feat?

Apple's new record worth proves an incredible turnaround from the brink of bankruptcy the firm found itself only two decades ago.

And in 5 years maybe Canada will be worth less than the company that sold you your phone.

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Heck, (AMZN, $877 billion), Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL, $852 billion) and Microsoft (MSFT, $825 billion) aren't all that far behind the vaunted trillion-dollar level.

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