Trump administration wants to lower emissions standards for cars

Trump administration wants to lower emissions standards for cars

Trump administration wants to lower emissions standards for cars

The proposal argues that forcing automakers to reach a fleet-wide average of 51.4 miles per gallon by 2025, as the Obama administration required, would make vehicles more expensive and encourage people to stick to driving older, less-safe cars and trucks. "More realistic standards will promote a healthy economy by bringing newer, safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles to USA roads and we look forward to receiving input from the public".

In the years before California's extremely strict clean air rules, there were smog-filled skies that were fairly common.

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says the proposal would make cars more affordable and save lives.

"EPA is proposing to withdraw the waiver granted to California in 2013 for the GHG [Greenhouse Gas] and ZEV [Zero Emissions Vehicles] requirements of its Advanced Clean Cars program", the proposal says.

Taken together, the proposal is an aggressive move to dismantle what some environmentalists have hailed as one of the most potent efforts anywhere in the world to combat climate change. "We applaud the president and the administration for releasing this much anticipated proposal that includes a variety of standards for public consideration", they said.

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"There are compelling reasons for a new rulemaking on fuel economy standards for 2021-2026", said DOT Secretary Elaine Chao in a press release on Thursday. However, the Trump administration's EPA proposal would require California to abide by federal rules, rather than set its own.

Schwarzenegger added that he's "sick and exhausted of these fake conservatives who believe in states' rights to make their own policies - as long as state policy is to pollute more".

President Donald Trump said in March past year that his administration is working on relaxing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards set by his predecessor. Assuming, strictly for illustration purposes, a gasoline price of three dollars per gallon, that would result in an increased annual fuel expenditure of about $318.

The administration also contends that hiking USA oil consumption by 2 to 3 percent over forecast levels would have a minimal impact on the environment, boosting global average temperature by just "3/1000th of a degree Celsius by 2100".

"The National Auto Dealers Association estimates the federal standards demanded by California will add $3,000 to the cost of new motor vehicles by 2025, potentially pricing millions of low-income households out of the market for new cars", Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), said in astatement.

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Environmental groups are already expressing their outrage over the plan.

The waiver allows the state to set tougher tailpipe rules than the federal ones.

Schwarzenegger and Trump have repeatedly criticized each other over the years, including during Trump's presidency.

Pollution from cars, trucks and other on-road vehicles is the California's single-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, according to state data.

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