Trump details looser mpg regulations; states vow to fight

Trump details looser mpg regulations; states vow to fight

Trump details looser mpg regulations; states vow to fight

Trump's move concerns a deal originally struck between Obama and many leading automakers in 2011 that envisioned a series of gradual increases through 2025, when average fuel economy would rise to 54.5 miles per gallon (4.3 litres per 100 kilometres).

Public health experts and environmental groups condemned the White House proposal even before its official release, arguing that it overlooks how much money Americans would save at the pump if cars were more efficient and also squanders a chance to cut pollution from the transportation sector, which has become the nation's largest source of carbon dioxide emissions. "It also relies on freakish assumptions about consumer behavior to make its case on safety", California Air Resources Board Chair Mary D. Nichols told Vox.

The administration will now seek public comment on its proposal and a range of other options, including leaving the tighter, Obama fuel standards in place.

The attorneys general of 20 states, including California, pledged to sue the administration.

Gina McCarthy, thes EPA administrator under Obama, said the reversal of these standards "run contrary to sound science and the law". Letting one state make decisions for people in other states makes a bad program even worse, especially since the state is California, which has been pursuing an anti-car agenda for decades.

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It argued that this policy change was necessary because the Obama administration's standards "raised the cost and decreased the supply of newer, safer vehicles".

"There are compelling reasons for a new rulemaking on fuel economy standards for 2021-2026", said DOT Secretary Elaine Chao in a press release on Thursday. In addition, it plans to revoke a waiver for California that allows it to enact its own vehicle regulations for greenhouse gas emissions. California and 16 other states already have filed suit to block any change in the fuel efficiency rules.

Under the Trump's administration's new proposal, cars and light-trucks would only have to average 37 MPG by 2026.

In a 978-page document (pdf) released on August 2, the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are also proposing to retract a waiver issued to California in 2013, which enabled the state to set its own stricter emissions standards.

They also said the policy shift would lead to fewer highway deaths by enabling more consumers to afford new vehicles that are safer than those being traded in.

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At a May meeting in the White House, auto firms appealed to Trump to tap the brakes on the administration's aggressive rollback plan.

California Gov. Jerry Brown said his state "will fight this stupidity in every conceivable way possible".

The administration also proposed a withdrawal of California's Clean Air Act preemption waiver.

Good on Trump. These environmentalist fatwas are responsible for driving up the cost of cars and creating millions of debt slaves out of people who have to take out loans now stretching seven years to pay off, all over the phony narrative that burning fossil fuels cause global warming.

"Automakers support continued improvements in fuel economy and flexibilities that incentivize advanced technologies while balancing priorities like affordability, safety, jobs, and the environment", Gloria Bergquist, spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, said in a statement.

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Now they're only about one-third, with less-efficient trucks and SUVS making up the rest.

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