Fortnite Temporarily Removes Shopping Carts and ATK Due to Bug

Fortnite Temporarily Removes Shopping Carts and ATK Due to Bug

Fortnite Temporarily Removes Shopping Carts and ATK Due to Bug

The one that may be the most time-consuming is jumping through the flaming hoops, but as long as players consult a map to find all the flaming hoops, that particular challenge shouldn't be too hard either.

If you've got a good trigger finger, pistols can be surprisingly effective - but they're often outclassed by SMGs at short range and ARs at medium range. And also like past weeks, Week 4 in Fortnite adds a hidden battle star that can only be obtained by players who have managed to complete all of the week's challenges. At time of writing, that countdown says that the new challenges will unlock in two hours, which (rounding down) means that the Fortnite week 4 challenges will be available from 14:00 BST (09:00 ET) this afternoon. We don't blame you, don't worry.

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Of course, the speed at which one completes the challenges in Fortnite really depends on their skill level. So, grab some friends or join up with random players and knock this challenge out! By doing it this way, you can kill a player normally, and then once they are knocked, you can kill them with a sniper rifle.

When you complete the challenges for the second week, you should head towards the lazy Links. If you do that, you will likely avoid the masses and you will have a specific spot to aim and will probably be able to get there first.

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This one is plain and simple, you just need to go to Flush Factory over and over until you have searched 7 chests.

In this challenge, the players need to deal 500 damage to the enemies while using the sniper rifles.

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The fifth week of challenges for Fortnite has been leaked online and they are some of the easiest of the Season. Hope you finish all the challenges in time.

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