'Fix PUBG' is a 3 month dev campaign to address player concerns

'Fix PUBG' is a 3 month dev campaign to address player concerns

'Fix PUBG' is a 3 month dev campaign to address player concerns

PUBG Corp took to the Steam community forums to announce the new "Fix PUBG" campaign that is dedicated entirely to improving the actual performance of PUBG.

One of the most common complaints about PUBG's performance is the network desync, which makes the game more frustrating that it needs to be.

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It's called FIX PUBG, which "is a phrase that we've been hearing a lot lately", the site says. While the average frames per second has steadily risen since launch, it would intermittently drop to below 60 roughly every 10 seconds, causing an annoying stutter effect. Over time, however, the game's players have grown increasingly frustrated by long-running technical issues and the relatively sluggish update schedule when compared to how often Epic refreshes Fortnite. PUBG Corp. said "many of the improvements we'll be making to the PC version will naturally be carried over to the Xbox version of the game as well" and that it's "committed to fixing problems for all our players", so presumably PlayStation 4 players will also benefit. This should also help prevent those annoying moments of getting shot even though on your screen it looked like you were behind cover.

In an update to its developer post on Tuesday, PUBG Corp. put the ability to "place map markers without opening the map" under the "Removed from UI/UX" column without citing any reason. PUBG Corp doesn't indicate how long the campaign will last, but does promise transparency for the duration.

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You'll definitely want to check out the FIX PUBG roadmap on this category, as it's quite extensive.

Quality-of-life improvements are coming to colorblind mode. What's more is that the effort will see the companies dedicating "the vast majority" of its resources to addressing player issues with the game and implementing those suggested improvements over the course of the next three months.

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