PM defends drought package amid climate change stoush

PM defends drought package amid climate change stoush

PM defends drought package amid climate change stoush

Meantime, our farmers - the backbone of this country, the source of the very food on our tables - are crying out for help.

Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed suggestions Australia abandon global emission reduction targets because they won't help struggling farmers deal with the worst drought in years.

According to Brian Egan of Aussie Helpers, a charity for farmers, the sheer amount of paperwork to access the Farm Household Allowance means farmers have to spend about $2000 on an accountant to verify their figures every month.

We need to do a better job of looking after them.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended his drought package amid criticism it's not enough.

About 690 SA farmers who already receive the Farm Household Allowance will also get up to $12,000 in additional payments, under a $576 million drought package unveiled by the Federal Government at the weekend.

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Drought-awareness campaigner Edwina Robertson broke down when she met the PM after his $190 million announcement on Sunday.

"Everyone is saying it's too little, too late", she said.

"It is created to keep body and soul together, not created to pay for fodder", the Prime Minister said. Yet again, the Prime Minister has disappointed us.

"(But) we haven't got the same urban or town water shortage challenges we had in the millennium drought", he told the ABC.

Mr Joyce, whose NSW electorate of New England has been badly affected by drought, also said reducing emissions in Australia won't change anything.

"It will have no difference on the climate whatsoever", he told Sky News.

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National Farmers' Federation chief executive officer Tony Mahar said the Government's support was a step in the right direction, but added there was no silver bullet.

Ms Simpson said Australia needed to understand the effects of climate change to continue as a world leader.

"They are not financial advisers, they are local people with sound financial knowledge who can work closely with individual farmers to help them work through their options and make applications for any of the State or Australian Government initiatives and concessional loans".

Mr Turnbull said the prospects for spring rain were poor.

Their concerns have been echoed by NSW agriculture minister Niall Blair, who is anxious attention on farmers shooting animals or leaving them to starve will undermine Australia's standing as a meat-producing nation.

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