Firefighters capture 'firenado' destroying Derbyshire factory

Firefighters capture 'firenado' destroying Derbyshire factory

Firefighters capture 'firenado' destroying Derbyshire factory

Crews on the scene captured the remarkable footage of flames whirling upward from the raging flames torching the Derbyshire Facility.

United Kingdom firefighters witness a rare fire tornado as they tackle a fire at a plastics factory in the village of Woodville, Derbyshire. While there had been three employees in the building at the time of the fire, no injuries were reported.

The fire began just after 1.40am yesterday and took the firefighters 12 hours to get under control.

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Much like a tornado, the 'firenado, ' or fire whirl, is formed when cool air comes into contact with hot air from above, causing the swirl.

This rare phenomenon is known as a "firenado" and happens when cool air hits the top of the hot air, causing it to swirl.

Leicestershire Fire Service Firefighters have now released footage of the blaze.

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Thick black smoke from thousands of plastic pallets on fire could be seen across the East Midlands.

The "firenado" swept across the fields near the factory, as the fire sent dark plumes of smoke into the sky on Monday.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said: 'The fire involved approximately 100 metres x 100 metres of stacked plastic pallets.

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Speaking to a local newspaper, Russell Meredith, operational director of the factory, said: "The main thing is that no-one is hurt and that everyone is safe".

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