'DOOM Eternal' Brings out Big Guns, Demon Guts in Gory Gameplay Demo

'DOOM Eternal' Brings out Big Guns, Demon Guts in Gory Gameplay Demo

'DOOM Eternal' Brings out Big Guns, Demon Guts in Gory Gameplay Demo

We learn about the updates made to the player's arsenal, the new setting, and more. Steel your nerves, and check it out, below.

From what Id showed, it doesn't look like Doom Eternal is going for grand, cinematic exploration - all this scrabbling around is purely in service of getting you toward more demons to kill, faster. As you can imagine, it was just as bloody and chaotic as you'd expect. That Doom universe is backed by an impressive engine, Id Tech 7, with allows for 10-times the geometric detail seen in the previous Doom.

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Two lengthy sections of gameplay were shown off, the first taking place in the same Hell on Earth location seen in the E3 cut scene. Of course, the footage was packed with a variety of terrifying new demon types, including a teased boss encounter. Players can even team up as demons to form a Slayer hunting party. Sounds like an interesting new take on multiplayer.

Last but not least, Tiago Sousa, lead renderer programmer at id Software, stated that what id Software showcased was all pure direct gameplay realtime 60hz capture.

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"The DOOM Slayer returns". DOOM Eternal's "destructible demons" system takes your power fantasy to new levels by ensuring that every trigger pull has never felt better. This wasn't a small trailer either, in-fact, we were treated to a massive on-stage deep dive, going over new weapons, new enemies, the Slayer's new armour, new mechanics and new environments that we'll be exploring during the campaign. DOOM Eternal will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch - there's no official release date yet, but we'll let you know when one is announced.

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