Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Saturday! What to Expect

Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Saturday! What to Expect

Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Saturday! What to Expect

The time of greatest eclipse, with almost 75 percent of the sun hidden, will occur at local sunset in Russian Federation from Kolyuchinskaya Bay in far northeast Siberia - a large, usually ice-covered bay in the Chukchi Sea on the northern shore of the Chukotka Peninsula.

On July 27, A blood-red moon dazzled star gazers across much of the world on Friday when it moved into Earth's shadow for the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century.

A partial solar eclipse shall take place on August 11, and will last for around 3 hours 30 minutes. The first solar eclipse this year was in February.

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The total eclipse lasted 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, though a partial eclipse preceded and follows, meaning the moon will spend a total of almost 4 hours in the Earth's umbral shadow, according to NASA.

Where can you see the solar eclipse?

People in northern China will on Saturday afternoon get to experience the only solar eclipse visible to the country this year. Also, it turns dark during a solar eclipse as the Sun gets blocked.

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People are also advised not to eat during solar eclipse. Just over a year ago, millions across North America were anxiously awaiting the "Great American Solar Eclipse" of August 21.

In case you haven't been keeping track, this will be the third eclipse in less than a month.

In the partial solar eclipse of August 11, the Moon's shadow will only be able to block out one part of the Sun, which will create a partial eclipse.

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Dr. Baghel emphasises that there is no need for anyone to alter any of our dietary habits or schedules, due to any celestial event, including partial or complete solar eclipses. The moon will cover approximately 73% of the sun when the eclipse is at its peak, according to NASA. Therefore, pinhole cameras and special solar eclipse glasses must be used to observe the phenomena. According to the map, the partial solar eclipse will be seen over the North Pole and eastern parts of Siberia. During a partial solar eclipse, only a portion of the sun is covered by the moon's shadow, making it just as bright as the sun on a typical day.

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