Are Tighty-Whities Bad for a Man’s Sperm Count?

Are Tighty-Whities Bad for a Man’s Sperm Count?

Are Tighty-Whities Bad for a Man’s Sperm Count?

Dr. Jorge Chavarro, lead author of the study and associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard, told NBC News their study confirms previous smaller-scale studies.

Also, the study did not measure actual pregnancy outcomes, so it was unclear whether the differences in sperm count and quality uncovered actually made a bottom-line difference in the desired outcome. Their sperm were 33 percent more motile.

While men who wore briefs had millions fewer sperm, that wouldn't be a problem in a man with a normal sperm count, Chavarro said.

Wearing looser underpants could be a simple way for men to improve their sperm count and the hormones that control it, a U.S. study suggests.

Those who reported wearing boxers had a 25% higher sperm concentration and a 17% higher total sperm count than those who wore other styles of underwear. Therefore, to determine the cause of male infertility, you first analyze the amount and concentration of sperm. That's because men who wear tight-fitting briefs may have lower sperm count according to the largest study conducted on the topic.

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A number of small-scale studies previously have linked tighter underwear to lower sperm counts, Chavarro said.

Heat is the only factor that has consistently been found to affect sperm production, Fisch noted.

Men's underwear can affect fertility.

Successful sperm production requires an environment three to four degrees Celsius (5.6 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) below body temperature.

And while the underwear effect is not "dramatic", Fisch said.

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The researchers theorize that FSH levels were higher in men who wore close-fitting underwear because their bodies were trying to compensate for the lower sperm count.

But before you panic about your choice of trousers for the a year ago, it's worth noting that while sperm counts were higher in those that wore boxers, the research didn't find evidence that wearing other styles of underwear would drastically drop your sperm's quality or count.

Lead author, Lidia Mínguez-Alarcon, said, "These results point to a relatively easy change that men can make when they and their partners are seeking to become pregnant".

"Because of this, we were able to find a potential compensatory mechanism whereby decreased sperm production relating to the type of underwear signals to the hypothalamus to increase secretion of gonadotropin, a hormone that acts on the testes and that is reflected by the increased levels of FSH, to try to increase sperm production".

However, the study does not explore whether the occupation of the men and the length of time that they spend seated were also important, he said.

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