Rescue team rushes to help ailing orca spotted off Canada

Rescue team rushes to help ailing orca spotted off Canada

Rescue team rushes to help ailing orca spotted off Canada

Besides the mother, researchers with Fisheries and Ocean Canada spotted another member of the same pod on Wednesday, 3 ½-year old whale known as J50, who is emaciated.

An global team of experts has been waiting for an opportunity to get close to the female killer whale so they can carry out an emergency plan that includes giving it antibiotics or feeding it live salmon at sea. If she eats the salmon, researchers will discuss delivering more medication through live fish. One by one, crews aboard a boat belonging to the Lummi Nation, an American Indian tribe, sent the plump salmon into a turquoise tube and then into the water.

The orcas are distinct from other killer whales because they eat salmon rather than marine mammals.

A team set out Thursday and found the young whale alone, said Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian Martin Haulena on a conference call with reporters Friday.

Experts have been watching the young whale lose weight since June and they took the novel action in an effort to prevent the loss of more reproductive potential within the population.

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"She was breathing very well; her respiratory rate was normal", he said.

He said she's breathing normally, taking deep dives and easily keeping up with her group, so respiratory disease is falling down the list of concerns. "We are hopeful that there is still a chance that we will be able to assist her with medical treatment to give her enough time to get nourishment and treat infections if indeed that is what is causing her decline". Killer whales typically live until they are at least 50 years old, according to NOAA's website.

Unsurprisingly, given their neuroanatomy, orcas live in tight-knit matrilineal pods that are led by mothers, aunties and grandmothers - female orcas have the longest post-menopausal life span of any animal we know of besides humans.

People from around the world are following the trials of the southern resident orca clan, down to only 75 animals.

Experts say Springer's case was different because she was isolated.

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They also face overlapping threats from toxic pollution and noise and disturbances from boats.

A mother orca was spotted today still carrying her dead calf for the 16th straight day after the infant was born off the Canada coast near Victoria, British Columbia and died shortly afterwards.

On Thursday, researchers with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Service said the grieving mother, her calf and their pod were spotted in Canadian waters around 1:30 p.m. PT on Wednesday. The J Pod was seen earlier Thursday, but neither J50 nor J35, the orca carrying her dead calf, were immediately seen.

This most recent orca death represents another reproductive failure for the salmon-eating southern resident killer whales that typically show up in Puget Sound waters from spring to fall.

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