Twitter finally deletes some of Alex Jones, InfoWars videos and tweets

Twitter finally deletes some of Alex Jones, InfoWars videos and tweets

Twitter finally deletes some of Alex Jones, InfoWars videos and tweets

"We didn't suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday".

Ultimately the best solution for countering objections to the likes of Infowars - or anyone who "offends" - is for the larger social media community (all users) to append their responses and refutations to tweets (or Facebook posts, or YouTube videos) that they don't like or agree with.

Darcy also wrote a short post explaining his position.

And writer Amanda Guinzburg tweeted: "Pretty sure journalists did their part documenting that Sandy Hook was a real slaughter of 1st-graders & their teachers".

Twitter remains a holdout in this situation, as it hasn't punished or banned Jones or InfoWars like other tech giants have. To many, Alex Jones and his InfoWars content is offensive and in "exceptionally poor taste".

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Shear goes on to explain that he is not a supporter of Alex Jones or his Infowars productions.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey briefly called in to right-wing commentator Sean Hannity's radio show on Wednesday. "We're fixing that", he said. "We take those behaviors as signals and I do want to point out that these signals evolve minute by minute, hourly by hourly, these are not scarlet permanent letters that people then take on as a badge and will never be ranked high in search or not allowed to trend or ranked high in conversations". These are not scarlet letters. "Behaviors of bad faith actors who intend to manipulate the conversation".

Listen to the full discussion near the top of this page.

"When a company as powerful as Facebook decides that you're not going to be able to use their platform, they're essentially shutting you down from having a media empire". He also linked to a blog post Tuesday by the company's vice-president for trust and safety, Del Harvey, outlining the company's policies.

However, upon closer inspection, numerous posts do seem flagrantly in violation of Twitter's user rules, as they include Jones' denigrating people on the basis of their gender or religion, as well as episodes of him harassing or encouraging violence against them, according to a Thursday CNN report.

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First off, Twitter says spreading lies doesn't violate its rules, and that simply offending others isn't grounds for account suspension. As for why, the company, similarly to Twitter, cited that Jones had not gone against the terms of their app store.

"Ah yeah journalists, every single one of them flush with cash and free time, asking themselves how they can be of service to struggling Silicon Valley billion dollar companies", Duruk tweeted. Darcy didn't ask Twitter to ban Alex Jones, in so many words.

Kevin M. Kruse, a historian at Princeton, sought to portray Dorsey's resort to Twitter's codes of conduct as blind to Jones' online behavior. That may open the door to lawsuits that the companies previously dodged by claiming that as neutral platforms they're not responsible for user-created content.

However, a spokesman for Twitter told HuffPost that the Hannity interview had been scheduled long beforehand, when Dorsey chose to open a dialogue with conservatives over bias claims.

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