The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

A Cleveland Browns victory is about to taste even sweeter.

It's been 599 days since the Browns last win.

A giant locked fridge will be installed in 10 bars throughout the season so that when the Browns win their first game of the regular season, the fridges will be automatically unlocked and free beer will be handed out to fans in the bars.

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Powered by Bud-E Fridge smart technology, the Bud Light Browns Victory Fridge is the brand's latest innovative technology to help create unique experiences for National Football League fans.

CLEVELAND- Bud Light is going to help Browns fans celebrate when the team snaps its winless streak.

"We're always cheering for them", Goeler told reporters. "When the Cleveland Browns win, at the end of the game, these refrigerators. will send a wireless signal that will unlock them and give fans the opportunity to have a celebratory Bud Light".

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Do "victory fridges" seem slightly sarcastic?

Don't fear, Cleveland fans: according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Bud Light will restock the fridges with fresh brews every month if Cleveland can't rack up a victory before the beers' shelf lives pass. They have a big lock across them to signify that the beer inside is not available just yet. Team officials have also embraced the reward.

"Obviously, we are nowhere near satisfied with our win totals in recent seasons, and our fans deserve much better", said Browns chief operating officer Dave Jenkins.

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Cleveland opens its season in FirstEnergy Stadium on September 9 at 1 p.m. against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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