Vimeo scrubs Alex Jones from streaming service

Vimeo scrubs Alex Jones from streaming service

Vimeo scrubs Alex Jones from streaming service

Infowars' Alex Jones is running out of places on the internet to host his conspiracy-pushing brand.

You just never know what the next turn in this saga may be, but for now we do know that Twitter is not completely comfortable with getting rid of Alex Jones and his material just yet. He did, however, contend that the tweets were not violations of Twitter rules. Vimeo banned InfoWars then removed all of its videos. The social media site has been resolute in its failure to ban Jones; CEO Jack Dorsey maintains that Jones "hasn't violated our rules" - a position that's garnering anger from potential protestors. The platforms - YouTube in particular - cited terms of service violations as the reason for banning Jones.

The videos violated the company's Terms of Service prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content, a Vimeo spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider.

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InfoWars and Jones have been under fire over the last few weeks.

Not long after Facebook and Apple took action, YouTube removed The Alex Jones Channel, which counts close to 2.5 million subscribers. Previously, Jones has claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax set up by anti-gun activists, causing some of his disciples to threaten and harass victims' parents. Less than an hour after the CNN story went live, more than a dozen videos and tweets from Jones-affiliated Twitter accounts were removed.

Vimeo reportedly determined that the content violated the company's trust and safety standards within 48 hours of the videos being posted. Executives also debated whether Mr. Jones should receive a "strike" for each post containing hate speech (which would lead to removing his pages as well as the individual posts) or a single, collective strike (which would remove the posts, but leave his pages up).

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It's unclear exactly how many episodes were ditched, although the vast majority of content created by Jones remains available to Spotify users.

Vimeo's spokesperson added that "we do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way".

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