Samsung launches 16-gigabit GDDR6 memory alongside Nvidia Quadro RTX

Samsung launches 16-gigabit GDDR6 memory alongside Nvidia Quadro RTX

Samsung launches 16-gigabit GDDR6 memory alongside Nvidia Quadro RTX

Company CEO and founder Jensen Huang took to the stage here at the annual ACM Siggraph conference to announce the new products before a packed hall of graphic artists and design professionals on August 13.

The first products to incorporate the Turing technology will be three pro GPUs due beginning in the fourth quarter - the Quadro RTX 8000 with 48 GB of memory ($10,000 estimated street price (ESP)), Quadro RTX 6000 with 24 GB ($6,300 ESP), and Quadro RTX 5000 with 16 GB ($2,300 ESP). "Hybrid rendering will change the industry, opening up fantastic possibilities that enhance our lives with more lovely designs, richer entertainment and more interactive experiences". One of the features of Turing these cards all share are RT Cores, as NVIDIA calls them, which are responsible for the accelerated ray tracing the manufacturer is pushing very heavily. The platform includes application programming interfaces for ray tracing, AI, rasterization and simulations. Nvidia reckons its new Quadro RTX chips can boost ray-tracing performance by up to 25 times that of its Pascal chips, performing the necessary calculations at speeds of up to 10 gigarays per second.

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The new GPUs can be used for final frame rendering for film effects at more than 30 times the speed of CPUs, Nvidia said in a statement.

Along with gauzy shots of what looks like a finned, open-style graphics cooler and a stylized backplate that looks like it could have come off any recent Founders Edition card, the video depicts gamers building and gearing up with Nvidia hardware.

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In addition to the RT Cores and Tensor Units, Turing also features an all-new design for the tradition Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) GPU units. Tensor Cores, on the other hand, are created to accelerate deep learning training and inferencing, and they can enable new artificial intelligence features that allow developers to integrate graphics processing into applications with pre-trained neural networks. Nvidia launched a new series of high-performance GPUs that greatly reduce the processing time for animation rendering from hours down to near real-time, according to company officials. If the RTX 2080 is built on the same Turing architecture, the addition of ray tracing alone could bring a huge graphical boost to supported games. "This will completely change how our artists work".

Keep Current on NVIDIA Subscribe to the NVIDIA blog, follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and view NVIDIA videos on YouTube and images on Flickr. "Nothing is more powerful than using deep learning to do that", Huang added. These announcements include a new Graphics architecture, Turing, as well as the world's first ray-tracing GPU, the Quadro RTX. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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