Elon Musk Opens up About the "Excruciating" Year He's Had

Elon Musk Opens up About the

Elon Musk Opens up About the "Excruciating" Year He's Had

One funding possibility being considered for the potential privatization is for Musk's rocket company SpaceX to help bankroll the deal and take a stake in Tesla, The New York Times says, citing people familiar with the matter.

Tesla produced only slightly more than 100,000 vehicles previous year and the company has been struggling to boost production of its Model 3, which is less expensive than its first models and could help expand Tesla's base. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the SEC is looking into whether Musk tweeted about taking Tesla private to hurt those who were shorting the company's stock. An interview that, among other things, reveals the once high-flying businessman has taken to calling this year "the most hard and painful" of his career and that "the worst is yet to come". Musk also said that recently he has been working 120 hours per week, adding, "There were times when I didn't leave the factory for three or four days-days when I didn't go outside".

Tesla shares fell this week on reports by Fox Business and the New York Times that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has subpoenaed Musk to talk about the tweet. Tesla board members are also reportedly aware that Musk has used recreational drugs on occasion.

As for the infamous going private Tweet, Musk said he typed the message while on route to the airport as an attempt to be transparent.

Musk himself said there was "no active search" and said he was not planning to resign his positions.

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They include the theft of copper and other raw material valued at more than $37 million, widespread wiretapping and hacking of Tesla employee cell phones and computers and a recent internal investigation of a May 24 written notification from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and Storey County Sheriff's Office alleging that a Tesla employee may be participating in drug trafficking with a Mexican cartel. "This has really come at the expense of seeing my kids.

They can have the reins right now", said Musk.

Analysts at UBS, however, have questioned the profitability the Model 3, saying that Tesla could lose $6,000 on every base model.

Tripp's tip to the SEC was filed after he was sacked, sued by Tesla for hacking trade secrets and transferring internal documents to third parties.

Furthermore, the price of $420 a share was the result of a rounding up, and Musk made it clear that "he was not on weed".

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Musk told The Times he wrote the tweet in his vehicle on the way to the airport, and no one reviewed it. "Weed is not helpful for productivity", he told the Times.

But the one that's caused a recent firestorm among investors - about taking Tesla private, was posted in the middle of the day.

Musk, the chairman and chief executive of electric-car maker Tesla, acknowledged that he was fraying and friends had become concerned about the toll exhaustion was taking on his physical health.

Musk continues to have an unhealthy obsession with short sellers of Tesla's stock.

The Times said that sources told the newspaper some Tesla board members have expressed concern about both Musk's workload and his use of Ambien, a sedative.

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