Days After McCain's Death, Arizonans Head To Polls In State Primary

Days After McCain's Death, Arizonans Head To Polls In State Primary

Days After McCain's Death, Arizonans Head To Polls In State Primary

Tonight, Republican primary campaigns are concluding in Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma.

Weekend events could cast a pall over contests in both states, though. All three, including establishment favorite Rep. Martha McSally, have embraced Trump and distanced themselves from McCain - a sign of how far the late senator's status had fallen with conservatives who dominate Arizona's GOP primaries. Jeff Flake features some controversial candidates loyal to President Trump. Bill Nelson's seat in Florida and win in Arizona's Senate race in order to have a shot a taking the majority in the Senate.

Several congressional races in both states will also be top targets come November.

Oklahoma is also holding a runoff election to determine who will be the Republican gubernatorial nominee. Trump did not formally endorse anyone in the race, although he had praised all the Republican candidates in the past. If she's victorious, Democrats could pick up an Arizona Senate seat for the first time since Dennis DiConcini left office in 1995. Since the six-day teachers strike this past spring, education has emerged as a key issue in the race. She's had to shift on immigration and has cozied up to Trump, after she denounced him in 2016.

Democrats must hold on to Sen. Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Associated Press reported just before 9:45 p.m. Mountain Time.

GOVERNOR: Democrats face off in Florida gubernatorial race
In November, Florida might have the highest turnout in a midterm election since the 1950s, according to McDonald. There are several key races, including the contest for governor, which President Trump has even weighed in on.

Both Ward and Arpaio have stoked plenty of controversy in the past, and that has Republicans anxious about their hold on the seat if either becomes the nominee. When McCain's family said last week that he was discontinuing medical treatment, Ward speculated in a later-deleted Facebook post that the announcement was meant to hurt her campaign for Flake's seat.

Trump spared Arpaio a possible jail sentence past year by pardoning his federal conviction stemming from his immigration patrols. But Arpaio has struggled to gain traction in the race. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is expected to easily win the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

A Cornett victory Tuesday would be a big win for business-minded Republicans who believe a more moderate message can still prevail - and likely squelch Democratic hopes for November. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey could also be vulnerable this fall. On the Democratic side David Garcia was the projected victor, thrilling liberals who hope he can mobilize the state's Hispanic population in November. If either Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum or activist Michael Hepburn can beat their better-known opponents, it would be a boost to the progressive movement, but it also might hurt Democrat's chances of flipping a vulnerable governor's mansion and House seat.

Sinema took home more than 82 percent of the Democratic vote, while McSally's lead was a little tighter, at 51 percent. Hillary Clinton won the district in 2016, giving a strong start to either former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick or 2016 nominee Matt Heinz, who are locked in a tight race for the nomination. Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Lea Marquez Peterson looks like the favorite for the GOP nomination, but this will be a hard seat for Republicans to hold.

Three Republicans are vying Tuesday to replace Sen. Trump appears to have tilted the Republican race toward Rep. Ron DeSantis, whom he endorsed late past year. DeSantis has leaned heavily on his allegiance to Trump, even running an ad where he's "building a wall" and reading The Art of the Deal to his kids.

Aretha Franklin in cocktail dress, golden casket at public viewing
In the first hours, hundreds of people from multi-generations visited the public viewing with signs, Aretha T-shirts and more. A funeral will be held Friday at at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit and will only be for close family and friends.

Trump yesterday reiterated his support for DeSantis in a tweet.

Pragmatic centrists are hoping for Gwen Graham, the former congresswoman and daughter of Florida political icon Bob Graham, who served as governor and senator.

There are more than a half-dozen competitive Florida House races that will choose nominees, too. In the House, keep an eye on the 27th District being vacated by retiring GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. A united Democratic Party in Florida is vital to break the nearly two decades-long GOP rule in Tallahassee, and with at least seven Republican-held congressional districts at play to flip, control of Congress may hinge on it as well. Cornett, meanwhile, has gone after Stitt's company and its lending practices during the mortgage crisis.

Democrats have already nominated Drew Edmondson, former state attorney general.

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