DeSantis rides Trump endorsement to win

DeSantis rides Trump endorsement to win

DeSantis rides Trump endorsement to win

President Donald Trump is casting the Democratic nominee for Florida governor, Andrew Gillum, as a "failed socialist mayor" who will lose to Rep. Don DeSantis in November.

Putnam had always been considered the favorite to win the GOP primary with state party backing and big donations from the biggest corporate entities in the state, including supermarket chain Publix, U.S. Sugar, Florida Power & Light and Disney.

And it was at a rally in Florida early this month for DeSantis, attended by Trump, where the QAnon movement went mainstream, with online supporters showing up in public for the first time. DeSantis campaigned as a Trump acolyte, pledging to support the White House's agenda as governor and protect Trump from investigations into Russia's election interference.

Lisa Boothe agreed that DeSantis should publicly apologize and shift back to criticizing his opponent as a tax-and-spend Democrat endorsed by democratic socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and other progressives across the country despite the shadow cast over his administration by a federal investigation.

Gillum, who defeated former Rep. Gwen Graham and two other candidates, would be Florida's first black governor if elected in November.

DeSantis probably owes his primary victory to the strong endorsement he received from President Trump.

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Stipanovich described the GOP nominee as "a Trump clone who if he has any original ideas about governing Florida has carefully concealed them". She'll face off with the victor of a seven-way Democratic primary in November.

Sharon Grant said she was planning to vote for Putnam - until Trump weighed in on the race. "It takes more than that to lead the state of Florida".

They're seeking to succeed Gov. Rick Scott, who can't run for re-election because of term limits and is instead challenging Democratic U.S. Sen.

Graham was subjected to TV ad attacks from the Collective, which supported Gillum; the UNITE HERE union, which supported Levine, and from fellow candidate Jeff Greene.

DeSantis spokesman Stephen Lawson said the candidate was referring to Gillum's political positions, not his race.

Greene's campaign, though, unexpectedly pulled almost all of his television ads last week, which was viewed as a white flag. "These things are all very important [to voters]".

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"I am as impressed as anyone that my opponent owns over 100 pairs of shoes", McSally said in her victory speech Tuesday night.

After returning to Florida, Putnam was viewed as nearly certain to run for governor someday and he began sowing up support in every part of the state.

During the primaries, Gillum's largest supporters were liberal billionaires Tom Steyer and George Soros.

The story is not the same on the Republican side. More likely, though, this ridiculous incident will blow over and the media will have to find some other "gotcha" with which to try and bring down DeSantis. "It's not going to be good for Florida".

The video shows clips of DeSantis praising Trump, each followed by clips of Trump saying or doing something that mocks DeSantis's statement.

Toward the end of the race, Putnam's fundraising dried up and money from Florida's political players shifted to DeSantis. And it's all taking place in the swingiest of swing states. Wow.

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