Sporting Goods Store Boycotts Nike Products over Kaepernick Ad Campaign

Sporting Goods Store Boycotts Nike Products over Kaepernick Ad Campaign

Sporting Goods Store Boycotts Nike Products over Kaepernick Ad Campaign

Nike Inc.'s (NKE.N) market capitalization is down US$3.4 billion since the company released its latest ad campaign featuring controversial quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick.

The protests had initially targeted police violence against people of colour but broadened into a wider protest against US President Donald Trump after he said any player who knelt during the anthem was a "son of a bitch".

President Donald Trump took another swipe in a tweet Wednesday that claimed Nike was "getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts".

Police are asking for anyone who is considering burning their Nike shoes in protest over an endorsement deal with Colin Kaepernick to instead contact them so they can give them to someone in need. "I think it's great they have".

Pence and Pompeo deny writing anonymous Trump article
President Trump called the letter-writer " GUTLESS ", blasting the New York Times for publishing an anonymous op-ed. Despite his denial, however, sleuths seem to be pointing to Coats as one of the leading contenders.

SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports' Jarrett Bell says it's great that Colin Kaepernick is the face of a new Nike campaign, but Kaepernick deserves to be on an National Football League team.

However, a survey evaluating consumer sentiment of Nike found that it had declined in the time since the ad was released.

The shop owner says that his father-in-law was a POW and the stories he heard inspired his decision to cancel his merchandise contracts with Nike. So much so, that Cannon allegedly bought all the black Nike socks at a Los Angeles store on Thursday and donated them to the homeless.

One factor in Nike's move may be the influence of other popular and powerful Nike-sponsored athletes, such as basketball superstar LeBron James, who has frequently clashed with Trump.

US charges North Korean in Bangladesh central bank, Sony hacks
It's been a year and half since he launched a ransomware attack that hit hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe. The complaint also alleges that Park was in China in 2014, but returned to North Korea shortly before the Sony attack.

"The thing that fired me up the most, that got me motivated to put the sign up and the sale was the last two words of their add, 'sacrificed everything, '" Martin explained.

The proposal is based on the contingency that the players union endorses players standing for the anthem.

"I mean, it's awesome that you see that there are some people out there who really support what he stands for and what he's doing".

"Nike's trying to make some money, and he's trying to make some money", McMurray said.

Tropical Storm Gordon hits Gulf Coast
Senior Hurricane Specialist Stacy Stewart watches monitors at the National Hurricane Center , Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, in Miami. From an altitude of 255 miles, cameras outside the space station watched as the storm moved northwest at 15 mph (24 km/h).

"I never bought Nike and I probably won't".

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