Jamie Dimon Says He Could Beat Trump, Immediately Backtracks

Jamie Dimon Says He Could Beat Trump, Immediately Backtracks

Jamie Dimon Says He Could Beat Trump, Immediately Backtracks

Many of you have been vocal that you do not enjoy our unwavering commitment to our bold prediction that Jamie Dimon is destined to be the 46th President of these United States. He campaigned as someone who would stand up to the industry, and his closing ad flashed a Wall Street sign, Federal Reserve logos, and the New York Stock Exchange over eerie music and a speech. "I should not have said it", he wrote. "It wasn't a gift from daddy", Dimon said.

Dimon said his original remark "proves I wouldn't make a good politician".

"I shouldn't have said that", Dimon told ABC's Rebecca Jarvis Wednesday in an exclusive interview after making the comments during a panel with her in NY.

"I mean, I've said this before Trump was elected". Dimon went on to complain that the public does not look "at Trump as part of the elite", instead, "They look at him as the upstart who punched the elite in the nose every day".

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But by Wednesday afternoon he was clarifying his comments, sending out a statement saying he wouldn't run for president. "I shouldn't have said it", he said.

At the event, he also noted his wife Judith but that he thinks it would 'be a really interesting White House if she were first lady'.

Dimon later said he wished he hadn't said that, adding, "I'm not a political expert".

He served on Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum, where he came under fire for not stepping down as fellow executives did in the wake of Trump controversies.

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The comments come at a JPMorgan-sponsored event where the outspoken Dimon was answering questions from a moderator about whether he would might be interested in throwing his name in the mix in a 2020 fight for the presidency.

Actor Bill Pullman portrayed Dimon in HBO's movie on the crisis 'Too Big To Fail'.

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