Lexus ES to debut digital exterior mirrors in Japan

Lexus ES to debut digital exterior mirrors in Japan

Lexus ES to debut digital exterior mirrors in Japan

The digital mirrors are smaller than existing sideview mirrors that provide better forward visibility. Lexus will start offering Digital Outer Mirrors, and the first vehicle to get it will be the new ES saloon. It will be the first mass-produced vehicle in the world to adopt such mirrors, the Japanese automaker said.

The wing mirrors are replaced with small cameras mounted on the outside of the auto, with small screens displaying the feed from these cameras on the inside.

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The Digital Outer Mirrors offer an expanded view of the car's surrounding by augmenting the display area during turns or when backing up. The views on the five-inch monitors located at the base of the A pillars can be manually enhanced by the driver. Brightness will also be automatically adjusted to increase visibility at night and in the bad weather, improving security. The cameras automatically shift their focus to the appropriate area when the driver activates their turn signals or puts the auto in reverse.

The new ES will become the first mirrorless production auto when it goes on sale this October.

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Along with these features, Lexus says the camera lenses are heated and the housings keep raindrops from collecting on them.

The sedan still has stalks sticking out of its sides, but their lower-profile design reduces aerodynamic drag for fuel efficiency and cuts down on wind noise.

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