Woodward book: Rob Porter worked to keep Trump from 'dangerous' ideas

Woodward book: Rob Porter worked to keep Trump from 'dangerous' ideas

Woodward book: Rob Porter worked to keep Trump from 'dangerous' ideas

On Tuesday, as Woodward's book was publicly released, Porter issued a statement saying that the tome was "selective and often misleading" in how it discusses Trump and his administration.

"The idea that the Secretary of Defense has to tell the president that all of these actions are created to prevent the ultimate catastrophe", Woodward said. He decides an approach or idea or course of action is right, usually based entirely on his own gut feeling, and then sticks to it for decades, resisting any attempt by other people to show him new or better or more accurate information and refusing to examine why he believes whatever he does.

"Let's talk about your process a little bit because we live in an era where the president talks about fake news".

Trump said last week that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should investigate who authoredthe Times story as a matter of national security.

"It was on his desk, and Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser in the White House, took it off his desk - stole it", Woodward told CBC.

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Boshirov also called on the United Kingdom to apologize for the allegations, claiming their lives had been "turned upside down". RT ran part of the interview on Thursday morning, in which Petrov said: "We are those shown to you in the (CCTV) pictures".

"Let me drill down, because there's a couple things that, I mean - they leap off the page", Guthrie pressed further, pointing to statements attributed to White House chief of staff John Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. And Trump says, "Who's paying for it?" "This is a war on truth by [Trump]", Woodward claimed.

Woodward claims in the book that President Donald Trump considered Christie to be a "jinx" to his campaign and accused him of stealing while raising money for the transition team.

President Donald Trump, an opponent of the involvement of United States troops in Afghanistan, was apparently influenced by a remark from Prime Minister Narendra Modi while aides debated the administration's policy for the war-ravaged country in the summer of 2017.

Porter, 40, left the White House after his two ex-wives came forward to say he physically or verbally abused them, with one revealing a photo of the black eye she said Porter gave her.

"Are they lying?" Guthrie asked Woodward.

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Even more frustrating is the fact that Windows displays this prompt even when you're installing yet another browser. It shows you the problem: Microsoft added a new "Show me app recommendations" feature, which is enabled by default.

Trump also derided his predecessor's return to politics.

Trump, meanwhile, has dismissed the book as a "scam" filled with "made up" quotes.

Moreover, the book can hardly be said to be strictly objective. This development alone should have prompted Woodward to rethink his assessment of Trump's flexibility, pragmatism, and willingness to change his positions.

Charles reported that Barnes and Noble said "Fear" was its fastest-selling book since Harper Lee's 2015 novel "Go Set a Watchman", the long-awaited follow-up to "To Kill a Mockingbird".

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A second stone weighed 63kg and had 1620 ounces of gold. "These discoveries highlight the high-grade gold potential of Beta Hunt". Gold is rarely found in that form and the specimens are expected to go to auction for sale to collectors.

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