EU Must Grasp World Role as US Retreats, Juncker Says

EU Must Grasp World Role as US Retreats, Juncker Says

EU Must Grasp World Role as US Retreats, Juncker Says

"Let us show the European Union a bit more respect and stop dragging its name though the mud".

"We have to stop seeing this relationship through the sole prism of development aid", Mr Juncker acknowledged.

Juncker urged the European Union to strike a "new alliance" with Africa that would create millions of jobs and include a free trade deal - a move Brussels hopes would both showcase its global influence and help to stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean. "And Europe needs this partnership just as much", Juncker declared, before proposing a new Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs between Europe and Africa. "We need lasting solidarity - today and forever more".

Juncker used his state of the European Union speech to the Strasbourg body to call for Europe to stand up for the worldwide order in the face of "trade and currency wars", in a swipe at US President Donald Trump's "America First" approach.

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Juncker proposed increasing the number of border guards to 10,000 by 2020, while opening the door to legal migration from African nations, stressing that Europe needed qualified workers.

Pointing to questions in many countries over Washington's role as the global economic leader, Juncker may also say the euro should be better promoted as a world currency, querying why European Union energy imports, for example, are mostly priced in dollars when nearly none of them come from the United States.

He insisted, that Europe could no longer depend on ad-hoc solutions to deal with migration in the Mediterranean.

His comments come after Barnier said a deal between the European Union and Britain could be struck within the next eight weeks, giving Mrs May's Chequers plan a lifeline. Too many of our journalists are intimidated, attacked or even murdered.

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"We are a country which honours our obligations, we believe in the rule of law and therefore we believe in abiding by our legal obligations", she told MPs.

The Commission has already started a rule-of-law procedure, called Article 7, against Poland because of concerns over the independence of the country's judiciary.

If authorities flag content that incites and advocates extremism, the content must be removed from the web within an hour, the proposal from the EU's lead civil servant state.

But he paved the way for chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to secure a deal with the British government, ensuring that the EU Commission will not "stand in the way".

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"We need to be very clear on one point: judgments from the Court of Justice must be respected and implemented". I stick with the opinion that it was a correct decision after the fall of communism.

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