Vanished China star Fan Bingbing last in ‘social responsibility’ ranking

Vanished China star Fan Bingbing last in ‘social responsibility’ ranking

Vanished China star Fan Bingbing last in ‘social responsibility’ ranking

The Chinese authorities have stated that Bingbing might be in trouble with the law since she has come last in the ranking of social responsibility among the celebrities.

Latest reports from China claimed the "Queen of the Silver Screen" had been detained by Beijing over the tax evasion claims and is not likely to return to her acting career.

The ranking has split fans online, with many jumping to Fan's defence.

A report published by China's Stocks Daily last Thursday claimed that Fan had been "under the control of the authority" and would "face legal punishment".

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As reported on HK01, speculations about Fan's shaky position in his C-pop group Nine Percent sparked recently, when the singer revealed at his fan meeting in Nanjing that it would be his last event with the group. Rumors began to circulate questioning where the actress could be, and if there is any foul play surrounding her public disappearance. reported that Fan scored zero out of 100 in her category in the 2017-18 China Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report, compiled by Beijing Normal University and the state-affiliated Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute. Fan has done so much good work in the past!' One user wrote on the Twitter-like Weibo platform. Fan has denied wrongdoing and a representative for her studio could not be reached for comment.

However, the scandal reportedly spurred investigations into "Yin-Yang contracts", where two contracts are used for the same job, as China's media regulators have been working to limit top actors' earnings to prevent "money worship" and focus on the film industry's "social benefits".

This added gasoline to the continuing hypothesis on what has become of the 36-year-extinct, one among the most winning and rich Chinese language actresses, who has been lacking from the general public look for for three months after she changed into once accused of tax evasion.

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Given the Chinese government's propensity for secrecy, there probably won't be any solid news until the matter is sorted out behind closed doors, and Fan pays up for her rumored tax transgressions and makes a contrite statement to the public.

Many think Fan's disappearance from the public eye may be to do with her tax affairs.

Last month, almost a dozen major Chinese film producers and video sites announced they also would boycott "unreasonable" pay for actors. A day after Securities Daily's report, news site iFeng reported that all of the offices at Fan Bingbing's studio had been cleared out.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is set to co-star in the upcoming thriller 355 alongside Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong'o, but that's assuming they're able to locate her.

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