Would Trump’s 20% auto tariff be Canada’s ’ruination’? We assess the damage

Would Trump’s 20% auto tariff be Canada’s ’ruination’? We assess the damage

Would Trump’s 20% auto tariff be Canada’s ’ruination’? We assess the damage

Austen, asked whether Freeland might return to Washington later in the week, said no decisions had been taken.

A Canadian source with knowledge of the NAFTA discussions says an agreement is within reach, but getting there will require flexibility from all sides.

"So if we don't find some way to accommodate some of that, then we're not going to have a deal".

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, left, arrives at the Office of The United States Trade Representative in Washington on Tuesday.

"At the end of the day, we're neighbours - and at the end of the day, neighbours help each other when they need help".

"The conversations over the weekend continued to be constructive and productive", she said.

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In reaching a new NAFTA, Canada is protecting its interests but also "looking to be flexible because it's time to update this deal after 25 years", he said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said repeatedly that Canada will defend the supply management system at the negotiating table."We will not get rid of supply management", he said in French during a pit stop in Oshawa Aug. 31.

Canada's closed, $16 billion dairy market is among the last sticking points in talks between US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, which broke up on Friday without a deal.

The talks are focused on USA demands to scrap the so-called Chapter-19 dispute resolution mechanism in NAFTA, overturn some of Canada's current "carve-out" of cultural industries from free-trade rules and loosen protections under the dairy sector's supply management system. Eares are on the ground for United States and China developments but at the fore again was the NAFTA negotiations.

The two countries will meet in Washington on Tuesday to decide how they'll include the U.S.'s agreement with Mexico into the deal.

USA president Donald Trump threatened Friday to impose a 20 per cent tariff on cars if a NAFTA agreement can't be reached with Canada.

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"Forget what you read about NAFTA negotiations and Twitter wars, that's not who we are", Craft told the gathered crowd as she thanked Canada - and Gander - for playing host in 2001 to countless stranded American air passengers.

Former federal Canadian trade official Matthew Kronby said the reported American demands indicate to him that the White House doesn't really want to strike a deal with Canada.

"Sure, it's business and it's important, but Gander is the place that - in a snapshot - illustrates the Canada-U.S. relationship".

Trudeau, facing elections in 2019, said on Sunday (June 10) that Canada "will not be pushed around", triggering a fierce attack from Trump and his advisers, on Tuesday (June 12).

The hope is for a trilateral agreement in principle that Congress can approve before Mexico's new president takes office on December 1.

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