Man jailed after allegedly writing fake TripAdvisor reviews

Man jailed after allegedly writing fake TripAdvisor reviews

Man jailed after allegedly writing fake TripAdvisor reviews

"Writing fake reviews has always been fraud, but this is the first time we've seen someone sent to jail as a result", says Brad Young, VP, associate general counsel at TripAdvisor.

The Italian man ran a company called PromoSalento, which sold hotels fake reviews, and in what's being widely hailed as a landmark ruling this week a court in the country deemed the act was "criminal conduct" and sentenced him to nine months behind bars plus a $9,300 fine, Quartz reports.

The U.S. -owned company said Italian businesses tipped it off in 2015 that a man was offering to write fake reviews to boost their online profiles.

TripAdvisor supported the prosecution of PromoSalento as a civil claimant by sharing evidence from its extensive in-house fraud investigations and providing support from its Italian legal counsel.

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In a statement, TripAdvisor, which has been repeatedly criticised by pub operators in the United Kingdom for not cracking down on unfair reviews, said it supported the conviction. "However, this is the first time we have seen the laws being enforced to the point of securing a criminal conviction".

The ruling in Italy was a signal that both companies and courts may be getting more serious about the elaborate and lucrative operation of fake review sales, said Tommy Noonan, founder of ReviewMeta, a website that helps consumers spot suspicious Amazon reviews.

The company said over the course of its investigation its technical teams identified and blocked or removed more than 1000 attempts by PromoSalento to submit fake reviews on the platform for hundreds of properties.

The global travel community is a vital partner in the fight against paid review fraud and evidence shared by business owners approached by paid review companies is particularly valuable.

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The company a year ago published the World Committee on Tourism Ethics guidelines, with recommendations developed in collaboration with TripAdvisor, Minube and Yelp.

A man in Italy was sentenced to nine months in jail for selling fake reviews on TripAdvisor.

'The recommendations were developed in collaboration with TripAdvisor, Minube and Yelp and we know that industry collaboration has an important role to play in tackling review fraud. The man was also ordered to pay about $9300 in costs and damages. TripAdvisor has millions of reviews for famous locations and businesses around the world.

"We believe those who do not play by the rules should be penalised and we have strong penalties in place for businesses that try to manipulate our system", Tripadvisor wrote in a statement on the website.

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