'Please be careful': NSW mum finds needles in strawberries

'Please be careful': NSW mum finds needles in strawberries

'Please be careful': NSW mum finds needles in strawberries

A Queensland man posted on Facebook that his friend had swallowed half a sewing needle after eating a strawberry from Woolworths on September 9.

"It snapped in half, my knee-jerk reaction was to swallow, and I found the other half of the needle in the strawberry", he said.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young says anyone else who had bought the brands of strawberries without signs of tampering should return them to the store or throw them away.

Yesterday, police in Queensland revealed there may even be a copycat contaminator on the loose after a fourth case of an Aussie consumer finding needle fragments in their berries.

Queensland acting Chief Superintendent, Terry Lawrence, from the State Crime Command, said police believed the contamination was deliberate and was aimed at hurting someone.

"We are now working with retailers nationwide to ensure that all Donnybrook stock is removed from sale", Dr Young said.

She had already sent her nine-year-old to school with uncut strawberries, but when cutting more strawberries for her 12-month-old at home, she found a needle.

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Angela said both she and Aaron were shocked, but thankful that Mason and Koby-Rose were not injured.

The Queensland Strawberry Growers Association has said early reports indicate a disgruntled farm worker may be responsible for the alarming act.

"We're fairly confident if people do come forward with a needle in a strawberry, particularly with the packaging, that will provide us with some information", he said.

Coles said they had been in contact with Ms Faugeras.

He said police are "comfortable" that the issue with the "Berry Obsession" and "Berrylicious" brands had now been resolved, having been taken off the market.

A product recall is under way in three states of Australia because sewing needles have been found inside strawberries sold in supermarkets.

Investigations are underway after another strawberry contamination case has been reported in Townsville, in north Queensland.

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She urged anyone uncertain about the safety of their fruit to cut the strawberries in half before eating them.

What's going on with the strawberries?

Australians have been warned to cut strawberries before eating them after sewing needles were found in several punnets, triggering the withdrawal of three brands from sale nationwide.

"We just really want to reinforce that it was one farm that's been affected - the two labels within the one farm, and all those strawberries have been pulled off the shelves", she has told ABC radio.

Those strawberries sold after Thursday are said to have been from a later shipment and are safe from the threat.

"People are contacting us out of concern and saying: 'This is what I've got, what do you think?'", he said. "It makes it hard because you might need to dispose of them earlier, but just cut them up for safety's sake".

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