Kavanaugh-Ford hearing: A dramatic lesson on gender roles

Kavanaugh-Ford hearing: A dramatic lesson on gender roles

Kavanaugh-Ford hearing: A dramatic lesson on gender roles

Fox News host Chris Wallace warned that it would be a "big mistake" to disregard Christine Blasey Ford ahead of her Senate testimony on Thursday, citing recent conversations he's had with his own daughters.

The mood was intense as Kavanaugh's voice filled the room for the extraordinary session, unlike Ford's quiet testimony.

For Emily Paterson though, who lives in Virginia, the rain pouring down as she stood at the steps leading up to Supreme Court building did not matter.

Vanity Fair writer Maya Kosoff tweeted that she was watching from the waiting room at a doctor's office.

One after the other, Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh sat in the same chair before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, separated by less than an hour but a reality gulf so wide their conflicting accounts of what happened when they were teenagers can not be reconciled.

"Evaluating the credibility of these competing accounts is a question about which people of good will can and do disagree".

Kavanaugh accuser details alleged sexual assault to U.S. Senate committee
Ford concluded by saying it was "not my responsibility to determine whether Mr Kavanaugh deserves to sit on the Supreme Court ". Ford says also she started interviewing lawyers because the few other people she had told said she would need one.

The American Bar Association late Thursday urged the Judiciary committee and the full Senate to delay the vote until the Federal Bureau of Investigation has time to do a full background check on the claims made by Ford and other women.

After recounting what she remembered of the alleged assault, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat.

"You can't have it both ways", Durbin told Kavanaugh.

Ford, in contrast, sought to present herself as cooperative and respectful, expressing her wish that "we could collaborate in a way that could get at more information".

"Her story is all of our stories", said Paterson.

During Ford's questioning, Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont asked what her single, strongest memory was from the alleged attack. A close family friend, Laura Cox Kaplan, sat to the right of Kavanaugh's wife, looking visibly upset and rubbing Ashley Kavanaugh's arm when the nominee called her a "rock".

Kavanaugh Accuser's Polygraph Claims Don't Match Feinstein Letter
He said this has shaped his view of the allegations against Kavanaugh. "I've had a lot of false charges made against me", he said. She said the incident left her "drastically altered", but it was her "civic duty" to tell lawmakers what happened.

It was surely the most explosive and surreal confirmation hearing since Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill in 1991. With Election Day barely five weeks away and some voters already casting early ballots, Kavanaugh's case will play out in the court of public opinion.

"What's worse, many of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have also made it clear that no matter what happens today, the Senate will plow right through", Feinstein said, alluding to a remark by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, "and ensure Judge Kavanaugh would be elevated within a week".

Judge Kavanaugh is thought to have denied the allegations contained in the letter.

It said that the nomination itself has become a referendum on #MeToo - and that confirming Kavanaugh would send the wrong message.

"I have never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever", Kavanaugh told the senators. "I don't know why also that we have to look at every woman automatically as a victim if you're a woman and a man as a bad perpetrator", Conway said. But the professor had doubts about the impact of Kavanaugh's show of emotions. She added that it seems Ford, who alleges Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her over her clothes and attempted to take them off at a house party in 1982, "absolutely was wronged by somebody" but that person was not Kavanaugh.

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