Weight Watchers putting its name on a diet

Weight Watchers putting its name on a diet

Weight Watchers putting its name on a diet

"Indeed, Weight Watchers is a study in rebranding: the company has managed to respond to society's changing norms around dieting while preserving its best-selling product (weight loss) since its inception in 1963".

The New York-based company says users will see changes to its app starting next week. However, not all are convinced that "WW" is a victor. But not everyone is buying that they have ditched the diet.

"It was very important to us that people understand that this is a 360-degree approach to 'healthy, ' no matter how you define that for yourself".

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The new name isn't the only change.

Grossman stands proudly behind the quarter's results, noting the number of subscribers in the quarter increased by 1 million from the year-ago period. Revenue in the second quarter was up 20 per cent year-over-year.

Weight Watchers spokesperson and investor - er, sorry, "WW" spokesperson and investor - Oprah Winfrey released a brief Instagram video on Monday in which she approves of the new name. Its share price surged on the heels of the partnership and Oprah has since debuted in ad campaigns talking about her own weight loss - and her unflinching love of bread.

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WW will be launching a new, updated app October 4 and is rolling out new programs like WellnessWins that rewards members for healthy behavior. A wholehearted embrace of wellness-our latest version of the weight loss industrial complex-is only natural for WW, which has successfully sold weight loss with a side of shame for decades. Monday's announcement included news of a voice integration program with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, as well as an updated FitPoints program which tracks and encourages physical activity.

Weight Watchers has dropped the "weight" - literally.

Its new slogan - "Wellness that works" - reflects the goal of branching out beyond losing pounds and into other business areas that are seeing strong growth.

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