Child's brain 'is harmed by more than 2hrs a day screen time'

Child's brain 'is harmed by more than 2hrs a day screen time'

Child's brain 'is harmed by more than 2hrs a day screen time'

"We really had an opportunity here to look at how meeting each of these guidelines and meeting all of the guidelines relate to cognition in a large sample of American children".

Only one in 20 children met the Canadian 24-hour Movement Guidelines, which include 9 to 11 hours of sleep, spending less than two hours per day on screens and engaging in physical activity for at least one hour per day.

The research, involving more than 4,500 children in the U.S., found only one in 20 met daily guidelines of nine to 11 hours of sleep, one hour of physical activity and limited screen-time.

Too much screen time could be wrecking kids' ability to focus, especially if they are switching between apps on a device or between different screens at the same time, Walsh suggested.

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The study, published Wednesday in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, found that 51% of US kids met the sleep guidelines; 37% stayed within screen time parameters; and 18% reached the exercise recommendation.

Because of the excess screen time, researchers found that the children slept less and had seen a drop in cognitive skills (language abilities, memory, completing tasks).

Meeting only the screen time recommendation or both the screen time and sleep recommendations had the strongest associations with cognitive development.

Parents who possess the courage to separate their children from their smartphones may be helping their kids' brainpower, a new study suggests.

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"This new research adds to existing evidence, and supports concerns about screen time and potential negative links with cognitive development in children", Kirsten Corder, a senior investigator scientist with the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, said in a statement.

Researchers found that children global cognition in children was positively associated with those who only spent two hours or less on screens. "In the case of evening screen use, this displacement may also be compounded by impairment of sleep quality", he said.

"Based on our findings, paediatricians, parents, educators and policymakers should promote limiting recreation screen time and prioritising healthy sleep routines during childhood and adolescence". Google has also introduced new features to limit screen time and monitor use on Android devices. The study's authors said that more research is needed to probe the links between screen time and cognition, including research differentiates between different types of screen time activities and what effects they have on children.

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