MI man's doorstop rock turns out to be a $100000 meteorite

MI man's doorstop rock turns out to be a $100000 meteorite

MI man's doorstop rock turns out to be a $100000 meteorite

Gary H. Piatek is the assistant director of communications for Central Michigan University focusing on Health professions, STEM, science and engineering, medicine, neuroscience and libraries. The former owner told him it was a meteorite that landed on the property in the 1930s.

She determined that it was in fact a 22-plus pound meteorite, making it the sixth-largest recorded find in MI - and potentially worth $100,000.

A MI man recently learned that a rock he's been using as a doorstop is a meteorite worth $100,000.

Central Michigan University CMU geology faculty member Mona Sirbescu holds the 22.5 pound meteorite used as a doorstop for decades. The man asked about the large, odd-looking rock that was holding the door open. In the morning they found the crater and dug it out.

A man has discovered a rock he's been using as a doorstop for 30 years is actually worth more than A$140,000.

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Even though Dr. Sirbescu knew exactly what it was, it had to be sent to the Smithsonian Museum for verification, it wasn't until Thursday word came back it definitively is a meteorite, the 6th largest ever found in MI.

A USA farmer and his son saw a shooting star come crashing onto their property one night in the 1930s.

This year, the man was inspired by stories of MI residents finding and selling pieces of meteorites. "I wonder how much mine is worth", he said.

An examination found that the rock is an iron-nickel meteorite composed of mostly iron with 12 percent nickel. She said it will likely be called the "Edmore meteorite".

The process has been an invaluable lesson for Sirbescu and her students.

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The Smithsonian Institution is considering purchasing the meteorite, Central Michigan University said.

Now the Smithsonian museum is considering buying the space rock, and it could fetch as much as $100,000, the release says.

The owner is considering selling the meteorite to a museum or collector, and has promised to give 10 percent of the sale to the university, the university said.

Then, "I said, wait a minute".

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