MI meteorite used as doorstop for 30 years 'worth $100,000'

MI meteorite used as doorstop for 30 years 'worth $100,000'

MI meteorite used as doorstop for 30 years 'worth $100,000'

After testing, she determined it was a meteorite, made of of 88.5% iron and 11.5% nickel.

David says his kids took the space rock to "show and tell" at school.

Mazurek became the rock's owner in 1988, when he bought a farm in Edmore, Michigan.

A U.S. professor has established a rock used as a doorstop is actually a meteorite worth thousands of dollars. Weighing 22 pounds, it's the sixth-largest recorded find in MI - and potentially worth $100,000, according to CMU.

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David says the man who sold him the barn described the unbelievable tale of the meteorite making an impact crater in the backyard.

Sirbescu said this is the sixth-largest meteorite on record to be found in MI.

An additional sample was sent to John Wasson, professor emeritus in the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences department at the University of California, Los Angeles, who will conduct a neutron activation analysis to determine the full chemical composition of the meteorite and potentially reveal rare elements that could increase its value.

According to Central Michigan University, the 22-pound meteorite rock was brought in to be examined by an unnamed man who said he had been using it as a doorstop for several decades.

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The charred hunk of space debris is the sixth largest meteorite ever found in the state, and it's estimated worth tops $100,000.

The meteor that blazed through MI this January changed his life's trajectory as he read accounts of people finding and selling small pieces of the meteorites. The farmer told Mazurek that he and his father watched the chunk of rock slam into their property one night and picked it up the next day, when it was still warm to the touch. "I wonder how much mine is worth", he said.

The meteorite hasn't sold yet, but the Smithsonian Museum is considering buying it, as well as another collector. The Smithsonian considered buying the meteorite for display.

Regardless of how much that is, Sirbescu feels that she, CMU and her students already have benefited.

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"Just think, what I was holding is a piece of the early solar system that literally fell into our hands", Sirbescu said of the meteorite. As CMU notes, the man has pledged to donate 10% of the sale price to the university as a token of gratitude for helping him identify it.

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