Mizzou professor wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Mizzou professor wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Mizzou professor wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

She shares the prize with George P. Smith of the University of Missouri and Sir Gregory Winter of the University of Cambridge.

In a 2014 interview with NPR, Arnold acknowledged the sexist barriers and stereotypes that female scientists face, but she encouraged ignoring and overcoming them. She created random mutations in a certain enzyme's genetic code, producing new variations of the enzyme, then selected the variations that produced the effects she most wanted - such as breaking down a milk protein.

The academy said that half of the roughly $1.01-million US prize would be awarded to Arnold and that the other half would be shared by her fellow laureates, Dr. Smith and Dr. In 1993, she showed the power of "directed evolution" for doing that.

As only the fifth woman out of more than 178 honorees to receive the chemistry prize, Arnold's win is significant.

Smith developed a method using a virus that infects bacteria to produce new proteins while Winter used the same method for the directed evolution of antibodies, with the aim of producing new pharmaceuticals.

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Life on Earth exists because over the past 3.7 billion years organisms have adapted to their environment, with evolution solving complex chemical problems: fish can for example swim in polar oceans because they have antifreeze proteins in their blood.

"Her work is incredible", Matt Hartings, an associate chemistry professor at American University, told The Associated Press.

The three had produced novel proteins used in everything from environmentally friendly detergents and biofuels to cancer drugs.

Smith developed a method to evolve new proteins and Winter used the method to evolve antibodies, which are disease-fighting proteins in the blood.

"At first glance it may seem that the Chemistry Nobel has been "biologised" again".

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Douglas Kell, a professor of bioanalytical science at the University of Manchester, says the prize is "fantastic news". The use of phage display to create new antibodies has been exceptionally important in science and medicine. "As soon as we started celebrating, we got a second call, and that's when we took the photo that was posted by Nobel Prize on Twitter", an elated Muna added. "Obviously I'm thrilled to win it, but certainly it never entered my mind that it would", she said.

In the 1980s, Arnold tried to rebuild enzymes, but because they are very complex molecules built from different amino acids that can be infinitely combined, she found it hard to remodel the enzymes' genes in order to give them new properties. "Mine was an idea in a line of research that built very naturally on the lines of research that went before".

The Nobel Prize in Economic Science will be announced on Monday in Sweden, while the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday this week.

"I hope that my getting this prize will highlight the fact that, yes, women can do this, they can do it well and that they can make a contribution to the world and be recognized for it", Arnold said in an email.

- Strickland, Arthur Ashkin of the United States and Gérard Mourou of France were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for their work developing tools made of light beams. The economics prize, which is not technically a Nobel, will be announced on October 8.

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 has been awarded to three researchers for their work on "harnessing the power of evolution" to create compounds that are of benefit to humanity.

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