New 'Doctor Who' Is a Smash Hit in the Ratings

New 'Doctor Who' Is a Smash Hit in the Ratings

New 'Doctor Who' Is a Smash Hit in the Ratings

While The New York Times said the first episode did not pop as much as previous seasons had, Lucy Mangan in The Guardian said the episode revived a show that had become to complex and self-involved.

Now let's talk about that introduction.

After months of anticipation there she was at last, bursting into our living rooms, Doctor 'Who in female form for the very first time. Jodie Whit-taker, Bradley Walsh and Chris Chibnall gave us their thoughts on why we have to tune into this breakthrough season of Doctor Who.

But my favourite change in the show is in the writing. It's going to be brilliant to see what she's like when she's really pissed off. If you'd like to put a mini-review down in the comments, I'd love to know what the mood of the readership is. She is the Doctor.

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Doctor Who impressed viewers and critics alike with the premiere on Sunday night, which saw Jodie Whittaker take over from Peter Capaldi as the first ever female Doctor. The wonderful thing about this is every time there's new cast members, and new Doctors or new companions, the show is regenerated in a literal sense with the character. "Yeah. But it's not broken", Whittaker said.

The Doctor Who series is literally for everyone.

Luckily, he added, the runaway success of Game of Thrones has already brought Yorkshire accents to the world, "so hopefully most American audiences can understand what the hell this Sheffield crew is talking about". And that actually links back to the very first series of Doctor Who from 1963, when the Doctor visited Marco Polo's era, the Aztecs, and the French reign of terror. And like the Amazon superhero, that separation from the experiences of most other women actually serves as a commentary on those experiences.

The episode wasn't ideal, however.

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Dyspraxia wasn't the only issue the show dealt with, it also tackled problems that can affect all of us. "You know this not a goal break for the show, this is absolutely within the rules and the law of this extraordinary series". A much more straightforward plot would've helped introduce the characters better and let them breathe. Personally, I'd rather have seen all four of them go off on an adventure with the Doctor but sadly, it was not to be... or was it?

You mean "braces", they tweeted.

"Full of hope" she says immediately.

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