Crisis could cost world USD 16 trillion by 2030

Crisis could cost world USD 16 trillion by 2030

Crisis could cost world USD 16 trillion by 2030

MENTAL health illness can strike at any time of life, affect any age group, any demographic and can be extremely hard to diagnose, let alone treat.

"We have also committed to ensuring all children and young people learn about mental well-being through the introduction of compulsory relationships, sex and health education in all schools". And an old report had said that by 2030, mental illness will reduce economic growth in India and China by $11 trillion.

Munchetty then questioned the Health Secretary once more as she wanted greater clarification on how long people anxious their mental health would be seen by health care professionals in the future.

Rachael's story is just one of many and goes to show that getting the right help can make a difference. In addition, approximately half (52 percent) would use a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to support their mental wellbeing, and slightly more (55 percent) believe that virtual reality can be helpful in managing mental health issues.

In coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, PHCC supported Qatar National Library host a range of activities to raise awareness to a wide audience and give everyone the chance to participate and learn.

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"Mental health is often overlooked and people aren't talking about it a lot", she added. "The stigma is fuelled by the cultural notion that mental health should not be talked about because "you should not make an issue out of nothing" and just "learn to deal with it", said Dr Gauthamadas, specialist in neuro-behavioural medicine at DocGautham's Neuro Center. Have you ever thought that the maid who works in your home, the sweeper who keeps your lane clean, and the rickshaw-puller who takes you places needs mental health treatment support?

Without the support they need, many working people are struggling; taking time off work, being less productive and some are even leaving work.

"It is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to invest in awareness, diagnosis and treatment, very early on, in order to offset the worst consequences of these conditions, whenever possible".

"When I was denied it, I fell into a depression and chose to turn to alcohol and drugs to ease off my disappointment", says Daniel Oyewale as Nigeria prepares to commemorate World Mental Health Day.

"There remains significant under-investment in the mental health system".

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The mental health charity Mind also has an online tool if you feel like you need help now.

The Dubai Government's push to remove the stigma attached to mental health through its "Happy Lives, Healthy Communities" strategy has spurred action among stakeholders in the health industry.

"A few of them at the end came up and said: 'That was good".

Xero points out that one in five people live with mental illness, but there's still social stigma so they rarely speak up about it. The entire family suffers many a times in silence because it is shameful to talk about 'mental health issues 'and one fine day it is all over. For many, these can be times of stress and anxiety, and these feelings can lead to serious mental illness if they are not recognised and managed in time.

We are aware that the World Federation for Mental Health created the day 24 years ago as a global platform for all nations to create awareness of mental health and issues associated with mental illness.

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The first thing people living with an undiagnosed mental health condition might notice is a change to their physical health.

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