Gas Analyst: Prices Set to Spike Following Pipeline Explosion

Gas Analyst: Prices Set to Spike Following Pipeline Explosion

Gas Analyst: Prices Set to Spike Following Pipeline Explosion

Puget Sound Energy and Cascade Natural Gas, both USA energy companies, are also asking customers in Washington state to help conserve natural gas and electricity because of B.C.'s pipeline rupture and the impact it has on the US gas supply.

The blast Tuesday evening shut down the Enbridge natural gas pipeline about 600 miles northeast of Vancouver.

Joshua Seymour lives roughly two kilometres from where the line ruptured.

"I know the priority is to keep the residents in B.C. being able to use natural gas - it's the industrial users that take the hit when this kind of thing happens and that's completely understandable", said Sampson. They went door-to-door to ensure no one was left behind.

On Wednesday afternoon, the company were still working on restoring the pipeline, and had a 1000-yard exclusion zone around the explosion site. "You can see the trauma in their faces".

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"This is a unique situation", the Premier said at an unrelated media event in Vancouver on Wednesday.

An investigation is underway and explains where they go from here.

The National Energy Board has sent inspectors to the scene and the Oil and Gas Commission is also investigating.

The TSB investigates marine, pipeline, railway and transportation occurrences. "As a precaution, an adjacent natural gas pipeline owned and operated by Enbridge has also been depressurized".

Doug Stout, Fortis BC vice-president of external relations, said 85 per cent of the gas his company feeds to homes and businesses is carried by the twinned pipeline that runs from northern the United States border south of Vancouver. "Minimize the use of hot water if you have a natural gas hot water tank ... so we preserve the gas we have for as long as possible", said Stout.

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No one was hurt when the fireball lit up the sky near the community of Shelley, and forced about 100 members of the nearby Lheidli T'enneh First Nation from their homes. Canfor closed two pulp mills in Prince George in response to those concerns.

More than 700,000 FortisBC customers have already been asked to limit their natural gas use, and are warned that their service could be cut at any moment as a result of the blast.

Mr. Seymour, who spent Tuesday night in a Prince George hotel with his family, said he has been told it is safe for him to return home, but he was unsure after a community meeting with Enbridge about what to do.

Edge said Fortis estimates 75 per cent of new homes are built with natural gas heating. But then, they said this pipeline was safe.

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