Michael 3rd most intense USA landfalling hurricane on record

Michael 3rd most intense USA landfalling hurricane on record

Michael 3rd most intense USA landfalling hurricane on record

The US Air Force shuttered a command-and-control center as Hurricane Michael tore into the Florida coast, a top general said Wednesday, as the military mobilized thousands of troops to help tackle the monster storm's impact. "The historical record, going back to 1851, finds no Category 4 hurricane ever hitting the Florida Panhandle".

Brian Bon inspects damages in the Panama City downtown area after Hurricane Michael made landfall in Panama City.

Robinson says it's best to stay inside until the storm has fully passed and all safety hazards are taken care of. A cold front passing through Thursday night will draw up some tropical moisture from Michael and a band of downpours will pass through between 6 p.m. and Midnight. According to the US Energy Information Administration.

Michael has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it continues slamming Georgia with heavy rain and unsafe winds.

At landfall, Michael's wind strength was just 2 miles per hour under the threshold for a Category 5 hurricane, the strongest grade of hurricane.

Even before landfall, the hurricane disrupted energy operations in the Gulf, cutting crude oil production by more than 40 percent and natural gas output by almost a third as offshore platforms were evacuated ahead of the storm's arrival.

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At least one person was killed in the storm.

Twenty miles to the south, floodwaters were more than 7-1/2 feet (2.3 meters) deep near Apalachicola, a town of about 2,300 residents, hurricane center chief Ken Graham said.

The St. Marks River overflows into the city of St. Marks, Fla., Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018.

State officials issued disaster declarations in Alabama and Georgia and the storm is also expected to bring heavy rainfall to North and SC.

"Those who stick around to experience storm surge don't typically live to tell about it unfortunately", said FEMA's Long.

Meanwhile, Michael continues its track across southern Georgia toward the Carolinas. It was a relatively calm year except for hurricanes Michael and Florence last month.

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The powerful storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane and ripped through the Florida Panhandle with 155 miles per hour winds and 12-foot waves that left a trail of destruction in its wake. That makes Michael the third-strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States and the strongest in almost 50 years. First responders will not be able to come out in the middle of the storm.

While we might not get more storms in a warmer climate, most studies show storms will get stronger and produce more rain. And so far, Hurricane Michael's pressure ranks as the third-lowest for any hurricane to strike the USA mainland, at 919 millibars. Only the 1935 storm and Camille had lower pressures, Mr. Klotzbach said.

Major cities such as Houston were flooded, causing as much as $300 billion in damage, according to estimates.

Michael was a monster storm by wind speed around the time it made landfall.

Benson also posted a clip of the storm's winds picking up a portable toilet and sending it flying across a parking lot.

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