Donald Trump welcomes Kanye West to the Oval Office

Donald Trump welcomes Kanye West to the Oval Office

Donald Trump welcomes Kanye West to the Oval Office

President Trump typically isn't one to be upstaged - but that wasn't the case Thursday when rapper Kanye West launched into a monologue across from him in the Oval Office, leaving even Mr. Trump almost speechless. The rapper then gave what amounted to a ringing endorsement of Trump's presidency during a wide-ranging speech that touched on such topics as crime rates in Chicago, mental health, slavery, aerospace technology and the Unabomber.

He said: "They tried to scare me, my friends to not wear this hat, but this hat, it gives me power in a way".

Mr Trump was asked by a journalist if West could be a future presidential candidate, and the president replied: "Could very well be". "You make a Superman cape for me", he gushed at Trump, who was sitting with his desk between him and Kanye, and seemed happier for it.

The rapper also spoke against stop-and-frisk policing policies, which Mr Trump recently expressed support for.

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Trump said they'd discuss the matter and he'd keep an open mind.

"I love this guy", Kanye declared in the Oval Office.

Kanye told Trump that, "as a guy", he looks up to him and to "American industry guys, non political, no bullshit...goes in and gets it done".

Ms. Kardashian has been working with administration officials on prison reform and helped to convince Mr. Trump earlier this year to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, who served more than two decades in federal prison after being convicted on nonviolent drug charges. "That's from the heart". "One of the moves I love that liberals try to do - a liberal would try to control a black person through the concept of racism because they know that we are very proud, emotional people".

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He made the comment as he met with rapper and producer Kanye West at the White House. "You know, he loves what we're doing for African-American jobs, for so many different things". But the campaign "I'm With Her" just didn't make me feel, as a guy that didn't get to see my dad all the time...

West said he wanted to "abolish the trap door called the 13th Amendment", because, he said, when the amendment was written it was illegal for blacks to read. "You are tasting a fine wine", he added. The President has frequently praised the program, telling a group of law enforcement last week that he has urged the city of Chicago to "strongly consider stop-and-frisk".

"Trump is on his hero's journey right now".

West also had a sartorial suggestion for Trump, proposing a hat that says just "Make America Great" - dropping the "again".

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Kanye West came into the Oval Office on Thursday for his much-publicized meeting with Donald Trump.

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