Enhanced Google Home app all set to make smart home experience better

Enhanced Google Home app all set to make smart home experience better

Enhanced Google Home app all set to make smart home experience better

Amazon's device has excellent speakers with booming bass - I could feel the table under it vibrating as it played music, and I would definitely use it at a party. In all, there are about 10,000 devices powered by Google and can be integrated within the Google Home app.

Google has announced the Google Hub, its first smart home speaker with a screen.

Customers on a slightly tighter budget can opt for the iD Mobile network, which is offering the Google Pixel 3 with 1GB data for £28.99 per month and an upfront cost of £299.99 and the Google Pixel 3 XL with 1GB for £28.99 per month and a £399.99 upfront cost.

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Google Home Hub is a 7-inch smart display, Smart Display like Lenovo and JBL Link View. The Google Home Hub has acceptable audio, but it won't fill the room at full volume.

You can use the Home Hub to show you a photo gallery when it's asleep, making it a digital picture frame.

You can control the Hub with your voice, like with other Home products, but the screen adds touch. Now, Google has taken to its blog to highlight all of the new features that are coming to the Google Assistant. However, as the technology advances, so is the need for a Smart Speaker that can do more than just that, which is what led to the creation of Google's Lenovo Smart Display. But Alexa's market leadership in the United States has seen it adopted by a good many smart-home companies and recently audio companies too - it can be used to control HEOS devices from Denon and Marantz, for example, and recent Yamaha products too.

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We've covered Smart Displays before and the entire concept dates all the way back to CES 2018 back in January. That makes it more of a direct challenger to the Echo Show than the Portal is.

Instead it runs a visual representation of the Google Assistant along with it's very own user interface elements. And with its built-in smart-home hub and camera for video calling and Skype, it's really shaping up to be an all-purpose device for smart-home owners.

Interacting with the Google Assistant is a similar experience to other devices, but you don't just get a spoken response. Next is Live Albums from Google Photos. The Home Hub is also the only Google smart display with a temperature changing display, thanks to both the high-quality display and the brightness sensor that can pick up the ambient light color. This might make it more affordable but means you can't video call if that's a feature you would use.

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