Apple video content will be free to users

Apple video content will be free to users

Apple video content will be free to users

Half of all iOS devices are now running the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, less than a month after it was released.

IOS 12 has managed to outpace the adoption that its predecessor managed past year.

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As of Thursday, iOS 12 has been loaded on 50 percent of all iOS devices, which includes iPhones and iPads, according to Apple's App Store Distribution page. The company now offers "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" for free to all users of the TV app. In short, 89% of all iOS devices are now running an iteration of iOS that, at the most, is about 1-year-old. But alongside the iPhone 5s, the company brought the iPhone 5c that doesn't support the newest software build.

While I'm a fan of Apple allowing us to access their content for free, I'm not sure how I feel about everything being integrated into one interface - though that may just be because I'm a dude on the internet and most dudes on the internet hate change.

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The dip in the install base of iOS 11 was also pointed out in the Mixpanel data reported last week that showed iOS 12 being present on 47.56 percent of active Apple devices, while iOS 11 was available on 45.58 percent of active devices. The adoption rate climbs higher for Apple mobile devices introduced in the past four years, hitting 53 percent. When looking at the cumulative number of iOS devices, iOS 11 usage checks in at 39%. On the other hand, the iOS 12 numbers are on par with the growth of iOS 10 back in 2016.

Look at the numbers above, it appears that the adoption of Apple's latest OS has been faster for newer devices as compared to older hardware. As evidenced by the image below, 40% of iOS users on recent devices are still running iOS 11.

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