Man using Google Street View to get directions catches his wife cheating

Man using Google Street View to get directions catches his wife cheating

Man using Google Street View to get directions catches his wife cheating

A JILTED husband has discovered his wife has been having an affair after coming across a picture of her together with her secret lover on Google Street View.

His suspicions were aroused while checking out the best way to reach a bridge in the Peruvian capital of Lima.

It showed a woman in a white top, jeans and heels, sat on a bench stroking the hair of a man who was lying down with his head in her lap, according to the Daily Mail.

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He first realised it was her when he observed that the woman in the shot had the exact same clothes his wife did.

The woman and her lover were photographed by a Google Street View vehicle camera on a bench near the Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine in 2013. While many local media outlets reported the story, the man's name was not given, so we are left to wonder whether the couple captured on Google Street View were actually adulterers.

Despite the photo dating back to 2013, he confronted his wife over her past infidelity and they later divorced after she admitted.

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Netizen San Pateste said: "What a small world it is..." He said she confessed to the affair.

While cynic "Guillermo Sanchez" added: "Out of 100 women, 90 per cent are not loyal, the rest are loyal and only have one eye (hahaha) or are immortal (hahaha)".

This has inevitably resulted in some amusing and freaky moments captured on camera, including a couple having sex by a auto at unknown location, an armed robbery in South Africa and half-a-dozen people in pigeon masks in Japan.

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