Nintendo Stealth Launches ‘Souped-Up’ ‘The Legend of Zelda’ on Switch

Nintendo Stealth Launches ‘Souped-Up’ ‘The Legend of Zelda’ on Switch

Nintendo Stealth Launches ‘Souped-Up’ ‘The Legend of Zelda’ on Switch

NES app lets you experience your childhood taking you down the memory lane with numerous popular titles of the original NES.

That list is notably missing special items earned by beating the game's dungeons, so you can't just "sequence break" your way to areas that require navigational items hidden behind boss battles.

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These NES games, cloud saving, and multiplayer support are accessible if you are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. We suppose that you could refer to it as Zelda's "easy mode" or a version of the game that has quite a few cheat codes enabled.

Nintendo has made good on their commitment to update classic NES titles on their recently released Nintendo Switch Online platform.

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Hard and confusing by 2018 standards - or even 1986's, really - The Legend of Zelda originally started players with no rupees and no items, not even the basic wooden sword found in a cave on the first screen. You'll start out the game with a bunch of money as well as powerful items like the white sword and the magical shield, which is gear that typically takes hours to find. Latest NES Games for October have been added including The Legend of Zelda SP. Nintendo promises that these special save points will offer "fun new entry points into fan-favorite games". In November, we'll see Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack, and TwinBee arrive, while December will close out the year with the additions of The Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario's Woods.

As promised when the first set of 20 NES games was announced, more retro games are coming to Nintendo Switch, starting today!

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The subscription service launched in late September exclusively on Nintendo's hybrid portable/home console, the Nintendo Switch.

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