Senate Reaches Deal On 15 Judges

Senate Reaches Deal On 15 Judges

Senate Reaches Deal On 15 Judges

Brett Kavanagh of Louisville, Kentucky, shares the same name as the new Supreme Court Justice but not the same spelling. But its ultimate impact remains uncertain. The nation's reckoning with power and who to believe about sexual misconduct has generated a new anger factor among the electorate and made the November 6 balloting a referendum on more than US President Donald Trump.

Many cleared on near-party line votes, while others were approved by voice votes.

Republicans and Democrats in the Senate cut a deal to vote on 15 judicial nominations Thursday so they could return to their home states for the final stretch of the campaign. Because the Republican Party has closely tied itself to the president's image and agenda since he took office, these numbers bode very poorly for them going into the midterm elections.

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The tone inside the courtroom was collegial, in contrast to the venom of Kavanaugh's confirmation fight. And the president is now using the hard feelings stemming from the Kavanaugh battle to rally Republican voters. The Republican suburban women left are likely socially conservative and pro-life - and Kavanaugh would have made them more enthusiastic about voting GOP rather than less. "We will increase our majorities".

Roberts took no action on them while Kavanaugh's nomination was pending.

"We have lifted the voices of millions of survivors of sexual assault". Harris and Warren are both potential presidential contenders in 2020. This would be an "extraordinary violation of constitutional and political norms" and is unlikely, but the pressure may "make some of the conservative justices more cautious" on future rulings. But even if they don't win, with a larger Democratic minority they could stand a better chance at defeating GOP priorities on health care, taxes, immigration, and border security.

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Among the handful of senators who missed the day's votes were Democrats Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Bill Nelson of Florida, who face tough re-election races, and Florida Republican Marco Rubio. Among independents, 47 percent disagree with the Senate's decision to confirm Kavanaugh while only 34 percent believe the Senate was correct. Numerous most contested House races are in suburban districts where women voters will play a pivotal role, according to Jim Kessler with the center-left group Third Way.

Never again can Republicans allow Democrats to disrupt the Senate's obligation to seriously and honestly consider judicial appointments by the president and to endlessly stall these appointments, and never again can the Democrats insist on special treatment and white-glove handling of "the girl".

"The complaints do not pertain to any conduct in which Judge Kavanaugh engaged as a judge", said Henderson.

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"Elections matter and I would like my colleagues to be able to go home", she said.

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