Singapore to NY

Singapore to NY

Singapore to NY

The world's longest commercial flight took off from Singapore's Changi Airport on Thursday, with excited and apprehensive passengers on board settling in for a marathon 19 hours in the air to land at Newark Liberty Airport, which serves New York City.

The move to ditch economy will further cement Singapore Airlines as a premium service provider, as they continue to move away from their budget-friendly past image.

Last year, Qatar Airways launched the longest flight in the world between its home base in Doha, Qatar and Auckland, New Zealand. "Currently, we have only a daily, non-stop flight from Singapore to San Francisco".

Passenger Peggy Ang, 52, said before the flight that she felt "apprehensive because I'm not sure what would I do in 18.5 hours" inside the plane.

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For the flight crew - which includes two first officers and a 13-strong cabin contingent - the work load will be split into shifts, with each pilot having a minimum eight hours of rest during the flight.

As with other Singapore Air long-haul routes, you can eat local favourites such as chicken rice and beef hor fun, or 'Book the Cook, ' a service that allows you to order dishes like lobster thermidor or rib-eye steak up to 24 hours before the flight. Pilots will get three nights off after reaching NY.

The airline has already ordered seven new ultra-long range twin-engine Airbus SE AIR.PA A350-900ULRs fitted with just 161 business class and premium economy seats - and no economy class seats - for the USA capacity increase. The Airbus A350-900 without a transplant will overcome 16,700 kilometers. This was abandoned in 2013 due to high oil prices. The A340-500 it was using at the time used a lot of fuel and eventually the route became too expensive to run. It also has a high ceiling and large windows.

Lightweight composites including carbon fiber make up the bulk of the A350-900ULR, while new wing tips help reduce drag, Airbus says.

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Campbell Wilson, its senior vice president of sales and marketing, said the Airbus A350-900ULR, which was delivered two weeks ago, consumes 25 percent less fuel than an older generation aircraft of the same size.

"Qantas' flight from Perth to London is seeing a load factor in economy of 92% - and in premium it's 94%".

There's so much going on in ultra-long-haul flying that Business Insider turned to air travel intelligence firm OAG for the authoritative list of the long flights in the world.

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