Facebook rolls out 3D photos

Facebook rolls out 3D photos

Facebook rolls out 3D photos

When portrait mode photos are uploaded, Facebook will respond to movements of a mobile device and give a sense of depth to the image. The feature requires the user to take images with a dual-lens iPhone camera, which captures depth information.

Do not pay too much attention to the name [3D] because photos will actually not be in 3D as Facebook said.

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To make 3D photos, you can take a photo in Portrait mode and upload that photo on your news feed as a 3D photo.

What just happened? A new feature is rolling out on Facebook that adds 3D effects to images, which can be posted to your news feed. The 3D photos created by users can also be viewed using the Oculus Browser on the Oculus Go, or Firefox on the Oculus Rift headset.Facebook is believed to be using artificial intelligence to create 3D photos. The most innovative feature of the bunch had been the 360-degree photos, which are ideal for looking at landscapes. In a simple way, its facebook that takes advantage of the portrait mode to display your 2D photos in 3D.

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"Everyone will be able to see 3D photos in News Feed and VR today, while the ability to create and share 3D photos begins to roll out today", the Facebook 360 team wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

How to view a Facebook 3D Photo? This feature is going to be made available for all users soon.

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So, all the dual-camera setup smartphones apart from the iPhones will have to wait for this feature to be rolled-out for their devices. Distinct colours will make the layers separate better and transparent or shiny objects like glass or plastic can throw off the AI. This includes the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models.

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