The best responses to Piers Morgan dad-shaming Daniel Craig

The best responses to Piers Morgan dad-shaming Daniel Craig

The best responses to Piers Morgan dad-shaming Daniel Craig

His tweet featured a photo of the James Bond star carrying his baby in a baby carrier and included the hashtag #emasculatedBond and the word #papoose, a term appropriated to mean a child carrier.

The "Captain America" star joined in the criticism and tweeted a fierce rebuttal of Piers interpretation of masculinity.

Another outraged Twitter user quipped: "Imagine being so insecure that you think a man carrying his own child in public is being emasculated". "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside", Evans responded on Twitter.

But Morgan, a father himself, did not stand down or waffle; he maintained that papooses are "ridiculous instruments of emasculation".

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Craig, 50, is a new parent along with wife Rachel Weisz, having welcomed their baby girl in September.

But Morgan's point of view appeared to be out of step with a broad swath of men, another sign that old-fashioned ideas about performative gender roles are on their way out.

Other fathers also lined up to stick it to the former Daily Mirror editor and share photos of themselves proudly wearing their baby carriers.

"I'm a mechanic and only hours away from becoming a father and I've been looking forward to using the papoose the whole time", tweeted one.

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As of Tuesday morning, Trump had not yet taken the bait. He posted more tweets railing against the parenting accessory.

We believe this is yours, Captain America...

Clearly, he said, the world needs a "007 who looks sharp in a tux & wouldn't be seen dead in a papoose"..

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