Chill Out - Maine Could Have A Milder-Than-Average Winter

Chill Out - Maine Could Have A Milder-Than-Average Winter

Chill Out - Maine Could Have A Milder-Than-Average Winter

"There's a 70-to-75 percent chance El Nino will develop in the next few months". However, even that my still influence the winter season for parts of the US.

What will determine just how wet the Carolinas' winter could be is El Niño, "an ocean-atmosphere climate interaction that is linked to periodic warming in sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific". Another important note: Forecasters say an El Niño pattern (albeit a "weak" one) is likely, which often means above average precipitation for the southern United States.

Because of the uncertainty in seasonal prediction, NOAA's winter outlook is probabilistic in nature, meaning that a range of outcomes is possible in any area.

Winter weather expert Judah Cohen, of the private company Atmospheric and Environmental Research, uses different indicators to predict winter for the National Science Foundation.

California is likely to see hotter-than-average winter temperatures, while parts of Southern California could also get greater precipitation, according to NOAA.

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- Warmer-than-normal conditions are anticipated across much of the northern and western USA, with the greatest likelihood in Alaska and from the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Plains.

The Southeast, Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic all have equal chances for below-, near- or above-average temperatures.

-No part of the favored to have below-average temperatures.

Map showing the NOAA winter outlook for the months of December, January and February for the U.S. The chances are highest in southeastern Georgia and much of northern and Central Florida.

-Clearly this outlook doesn't provide any insane information for the Ohio River Valley / Kentuckiana. Here are five things we can expect this winter based on the new report! On average, we typically see about a foot of snow.

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The past three winters have proved mild in the Eastern United States, and, in many places, snow has been scarce. WDRB issues our own annual winter forecast for just our area.

NOAA's seasonal outlooks give the likelihood that temperatures and precipitation will be above-, near- or below-average, and how drought conditions are expected to change, but the outlook does not project seasonal snowfall accumulations.

NOAA's winter forecast comes as the mercury is finally beginning to dip across most of the country after a summer that lasted well into October in the eastern U.S., with temperatures into the 80s and even 90s. NOAA'S next update will be available on November 15th.

The Farmer's Almanac said that for its winter outlook, the temperatures are going to be cold with "plenty of snow".

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