Organic foods tied to slightly lower cancer risk

Organic foods tied to slightly lower cancer risk

Organic foods tied to slightly lower cancer risk

"And it would be premature to make organic food consumption recommendations based just on this study".

A study of almost 70,000 French adults who were tracked for an average of 4.5 years found that those who ate the most organic foods were less likely to develop certain kinds of cancer than the people who ate the least.

Furthermore, it was found that those who primarily ate organic foods were more likely to ward off non-Hodgkin lymphoma and postmenopausal breast cancer as compared to those who rarely or never ate organic foods.

Researchers from the Parisian university monitored the diet and health of almost 70,0000 people for five years, allowing confounding variables to be factored out since organic consumers also tend to have healthier lifestyles.

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All of the participants also completed follow-up questionnaires - on average around four years following the first round.

The study advised that the consumption of fruits and vegetables, whether conventional or organic, can improve overall diet quality and reduce your risk of chronic disease, including cancer.

On the other hand, food such as carrot, grapes and tomatoes which are rich in antioxidants are often recommended to people who want to lessen risks of getting cancer.

Should the results be confirmed, organic food may become a part of the general cancer prevention guidelines, as they could significantly lower the rate of new cancer cases.

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They focused on people who joined a large, ongoing health and nutrition study starting in 2009. Also, the authors relied on self-reported data that may have been inaccurate, and the study group was from only one country. According to the tenders, most of the people in the study were less fat, non-smoker and less alcohol consumption. Study participants also self-reported their food intake, and such self-reporting is notoriously inaccurate. For instance, differences in pesticide residue contamination between organic and conventionally grown apples or spinach is much greater than the difference between conventionally grown cantaloupes or avocados because people don't eat the peels or skins of products that are exposed to the pesticide itself, so even conventionally grown produce will have relatively low levels of contamination to begin with.

Since most people are not able to grow their own crops, they are prone to buying contaminated foods, especially from supermarkets where they are often cheaper than organic alternatives. New research suggests another item might be added to this list: Choose organic foods over conventional ones.

Lead author Dr Julia Baudry of the Centre of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics Sorbonne Paris said: "Our results indicate that higher organic food consumption is associated with a reduction in the risk of overall cancer".

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