Trump space force - a real need but hazy planning

Trump space force - a real need but hazy planning

Trump space force - a real need but hazy planning

Mr Pence said the president will soon ask Congress to gather military and civilians working on space security into a unified command, similar to the military's special forces.

President Donald Trump has demanded that Pentagon create a new military service, a Space Force to assure "American dominance in space".

We will remind, earlier it was reported that trump has ordered the creation of space forces.

According to Pence, about 60,000 people are now working on space security in the United States, across various branches of the military and intelligence services.

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"First, we'll create a new unified combatant command, the United States Space Command, that will establish a dedicated chain of command for Space Force operations, ensure integration across the military and develop the doctrine, tactics and procedures of space warfighting in the 21st century", Pence said.

Pence said the 1967 treaty "does ban weapons of mass destruction in space, but it doesn't ban military activity".

He said that the national space Council referred the recommendations to the President. "And the reality is, the more we look at our competitors in space - chiefly among them are China and Russian Federation - we see the deployment of technologies by both of those countries - anti-satellite technologies", Pence said.

'It will be a consolidation, we believe, and from there future Congresses and future administrations can grow and expand and nurture. the Space Force as they see fit'.

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The new positioning comes as the Trump administration moves to potentially exit a major nuclear weapons pact with Russian Federation and possibly bolster USA military operations in the heavens by forming a "Space Force". Such a change, which the Defense Department has estimated would cost $13 billon in the first five years, must first be approved by Congress.

The US military is made up of five branches: the Army, Air Force (which now oversees space operations), the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. It also calls for $10 million per year for five years starting in 2020 to fund the commerce arm.

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